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Why advertise with Mercacei?

MERCACEI magazines are leading publications in the olive oil and olive growing sectors worldwide.

Each day, the professionals who make the purchasing decisions in this important market, operate with the reference of the contents, information and quotes that we supply in a punctual and reliable way.

MERCACEI has become the decisive tool of information and communication in closing a business deal, making a decision or making a purchase of a product or service.

It is in this concept of thoroughness, reliability and professionalism that we frame the marketing communications that have an impact on all managers and professionals in our industry, worldwide.

The distribution of our publications is complete in Spain and Portugal, as well as all major companies in the countries of the Mediterranean Basin and emerging areas worldwide, especially Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico and California, for whom we have developed a specific section: Mercacei America.

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MERCACEI has a regular presence with its own stand at Simei (Milan), Agroexpo (Badajoz), Olio Officina (Milan), Olio Capitale (Trieste, Italy), Alimentaria (Barcelona), Madrid Fusion, SOL (Verona), Medoliva (Arezzo, Italy), Bióptima (Jaen), Feria del Olivo de Montoro (Cordoba), Futuroliva (Baeza), España Original (Ciudad Real), Hispack & Bta. (Barcelona), Terraolivo (Israel), Expolivo (Catamarca, Argentina), Simposio Internacional de Olivicultura (San Juan, Argentina), Oleomaq - Oleotec (Zaragoza), World Bulk Oil (Madrid), Salon de Gourmets (Madrid) and Expoliva (Jaen).

Wherever Mercacei goes, is the image of your company. In all events worldwide. In all professionals and companies who buy your products or services.

Once printed, Mercacei Magazine is entirely transferred online to our new website, with the possibility of all ads linking directly to the advertiser's website, as well as the option to post corporate videos or product portfolios for each advertiser.

In addition, our advertisers appear free of charge in our select Suppliers Club, included in our website.

A consultation portal where professionals can find all the latest news in the industry, the most detailed information, and all the necessary data for decision making.

Contents are accessible from different devices, with a specially adapted viewer for navigation on tablets or Smartphone news applications, for Android and iOS.

Mercacei Digital Publications

All printed Mercacei publications have a digital version that can be viewed from your computer, Smartphone, iPad and Android or Amazon tablets. This exponentially multiplies the number of readers and further expands the internationalization, dissemination, and prestige of our publications. In addition, each digital publication will incorporate the possibility of including videos, links and digital marketing actions, in the advertising formats of our clients, turning publicity into a stimulating experience for our users.

Daily Newsletter

Through our website, we send a daily newsletter - with the headline news in English - and all current events, as well as technical and specialized information worldwide, targeting over 10,000 customers in the olive and olive oil sector. We also feature specific actions for greater communication impact during the celebration of the most important trade shows and events on the national and international calendar.

Social Networks

All of this is complemented by our Facebook and Twitter channels, which undoubtedly represent a powerful communication tool, as we have thousands of active supporters sharing all the information that we update daily.

AOVE del Mes

Contact us to promote your oil for a one-month period. During that time mercacei.com will promote your brand in the Homepage of our website and in our social networks.

Contact our Advertising Department

Telf.: +34 915 444 007 publicidad@mercacei.com