2019/08/04 - The member countries of the IOC recently approved a proposal to create a portal that gathers scientific information on the health benefits of olive oil and olive products. The project, called the Olive Health Information System (OHIS), is planned to begin in the coming months.
2019/05/04 - The Five-time Academy Award-winning director Francis Ford Coppola is a man of few words. He doesn’t need them. All of what he had to say is now a part of Hollywood’s most important film heritage. Now, from the serenity of his days away from the lights and cameras, he ponders about his Italian-American origins, about the influence the Mediterranean region had on his work and about the current state of the world. The bottom line? One needs to cherish the beautiful things in life: food, wine, the trees and children. In Coppola’s own words. Exclusively for Olivatessen.
2019/04/04 - The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has approved new international measures to prevent pests from crossing the borders and spreading. The standards, including protocols to block highly invasive pests such as Xylella fastidiosa and the oriental fruit fly, were approved during the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures' (CPM) annual meeting this week.
2019/03/04 - March 31st was the deadline to participate in the II International Short Story Award on Olive Oil, Olive Trees and Oleotourism called by the Másquecuentos Cultural Association (MQC), which has received a total of 103 texts by writers from 12 countries.
2019/01/04 - Turkey's production of olive oil will be reduced by 26.5% in the 2018/19 season reaching 194,000 tons due to the weather, according to a report prepared by analysts from the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the United States.
2019/29/03 - The Spanish and international production situation plus the maintenance of consumption will lead to a propitious scene to continue the good march of Spanish exports (they have already increased by 26% regarding the previous campaign), that can encourage the favorable change in the dynamics of the prices at origin, as was confirmed yesterday in Madrid at the Seventh Sectoral Table of Olive Oil and Table Olives, in which the situation and campaign data of the sector were analyzed.
2018/28/03 - The General Director of the Food Industry in Spain, José Miguel Herrero, presented yesterday in Madrid the results of a study on the sociological behavior of Spaniards and their connection with their food buying habits and the lifestyle from which it concludes that origin and price are decisive when it comes to buying food.
2019/26/03 - In the last campaign 2017/18, 94% of Japanese imports of olive oil came from the countries inside the European Union (EU), with Spain at the head, with 58.8% of share, followed by Italy, with 33.3%. The remaining 7.3% came from Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Tunisia, according to data published by the International Olive Council (IOC).
2019/25/03 - A new Nutrimedia evaluation concludes that olive oil is the best option, among all fats and oils, to include in a low-calorie diet. According to this analysis, olive oil can reduce weight, although the observed effect is small and may not be clinically relevant.
2019/22/03 - Mercado Little Spain opened the first of its market and dining offerings on March 15, bringing a celebration of Spanish foods to New York City. Home to three full-service restaurants, 15 dining and retail kiosks, and two dedicated bars, the 35,000 square foot all-day dining and market destination at 10 Hudson Yards is a joint venture with Related Companies and Oxford Properties Group in creative collaboration with fellow Spanish chefs Ferran and Albert Adrià.