2020/31/01 - The Unicode Consortium has announced this week the 117 new emojis that will be added to our phones in 2020, among which a symbol of our Mediterranean Diet and Spanish gastronomy: the olive.
2020/30/01 - Through the Bottled Olive Oil Promotion Fund, managed by the Ministry of Industry of Tunisia, the Technical Packaging Center (Packtec) has been responsible for the implementation of a promotion program for Tunisian bottled olive oil during the next three years and whose objective is to ensure a better positioning of this product in the export markets and make this country a recognized and appreciated origin with a view to increasing the export of bottled olive oil by 40,000 tons by 2022.
2020/29/01 - The agricultural organizations Asaja, COAG and UPA, Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias and Infaoliva in the province of Jaén have announced that they will carry out a permanent mobilization until the “illogical” low prices of olive oil are reversed and the necessary measures are put in place to lead to market equilibrium. In addition, they are studying to pick up the march of the olive grove to Madrid.
2020/28/01 - The United Kingdom will cease to be a Member State of the European Union (EU) on January 31 and the following day, February 1, a transitional period will begin that will last until December 31, 2020. Although this period could extend one or two years, the United Kingdom has expressed its intention not to extend it. During this transitional period the development of bilateral trade will take place under the same conditions as the current ones. For operators there will be no changes in any aspect: customs, tax, regulatory, etc., and the United Kingdom will continue to apply all EU regulations.
2020/27/01 - Official data shows that almost all of the olive oil consumed in Taiwan is imported from third countries. The value of imports of virgin olive oil has shown a positive trend in recent years, due to the greater knowledge that the population has of the product after the first decades of commercialization on the island, according to a study by ICEX Spain Export and Investment .
2020/24/01 - Let's say goodbye to the week and welcome our moment of relaxation with a selection of cocktails with extra virgin. Prepared with Hojiblanca, Picual, Cornicabra and Arbequina EVOO, and with names that are even more suggestive. Simply delicious. It’s time to relax and enjoy...
2020/23/01 - In global terms and considering the impact of new olive groves in production, the forecasts for Portugal point to an increase in olive production for olive oil of 25% over the previous season, exceeding 900,000 tons, meaning that "this campaign is one of the most productive of the last 80 years," according to the Portuguese National Institute of Statistics.
2020/22/01 - The price of olive oil in the nine main online supermarkets in Spain closed 2019 with a decrease of 7.6%, according to Soysuper published in its VI Annual Analysis of Price Evolution in Online Supermarkets, a representative price analysis in physical supermarkets.
2019/30/10 - Definitely, EVOO is fashionable. And to talk about extra virgin, is too. This is been demonstrated by the campaign carried out by Mercacei Publishing Group regarding the launch of the EVOOLEUM Guide 2020, which in just one week has achieved more than 100 million impacts with an economic value that exceeds 170,000 euros.
2019/18/09 - Consultants and international experts from the olive oil sector address in this article the forecasts of the 2019/20 olive campaign in some of the main producing countries.