2018/04/06 - A study by the University of Jaén (UJA) based on a survey of 400 chefs from Spanish quality restaurants determined that health is an attribute very little taken into account by chefs when buying olive oils, in general, and extra virgin olive oil, in particular, both for use in the restaurant room and in their kitchens.
2018/01/06 - A report confirms the feasibility of creating a geographical origin system for Australian olive growers by demonstrating that olive oils from different Australian regions have its "own characteristics" which differenciate them from the juices from other countries.
2018/3/05 - A report published by the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Washington -dependent of the Secretary of State and Commerce- mentions the possibility that the protectionism of the US President, Donald Trump against the Spanish black olive, is applied to olive oil and affirms that, in that case, "Spain would have to deal with a serious problem".

2018/30/05 - Top-level authorities and experts will tackle multiple approaches focusing on olive groves and olive oil in the first edition of the World Olive Oil Summit (WOOS), which will take place at the National Exhibition Center (CNMA) in Satarém (Portugal), from 7th to 8th June.

2018/29/05 - Under the title "Olive oil, the basis of the Mediterranean Diet and a valuable ally for health", Messinia (Pylos, Greece) held on May 24 and 25 a conference with the participation of 150 municipal and regional leaders of the 28 countries of the European Union (EU). The meeting focused on the need to promote the consumption of olive oil, a key component in the pattern of healthy and sustainable eating.
2018/28/05 - According to a study by Mintel, Europe is leading the way globally in terms of introducing high-end private label products. This study reports that almost six out of ten launches of private label in Europe are focused on the Premium segment.
2018/25/05 - The ICEX study "The Olive Oil Market in Belgium" reveals that in the European country there has been an increase in the demand for healthier products, such as olive oil. Although its consumption continues to be low, the report highlights its remarkable increase in recent years and forecasts an upward trend.
2018/23/05 - A report from ICEX reveals that there is a clear trend in Denmark's large consumer sector towards Premium and organic products. An example of this is olive oil: the study details that sales in value of this product have increased by 55% between 2012 and 2016, which shows an increase in the acquisition of higher quality EVOOs to third countries.
2018/22/05 - The European Commission (EC) has decided to send Italy to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) pleading that the Italian authorities did not take the necessary measures to eradicate Xylella fastidiosa in the region of Puglia and, therefore, did not prevent its propagation.
2018/05/21 - Olive Predictor, a device that helps olive growers determine the best time to collect olives and maximize the health benefits of olive oil, has received the highest score in the Olive Challenge, a competition organized by the Greek entity Filaios Olive Oil Society in collaboration with organizations and private institutions of the Hellenic country.