2020/17/02 - The Government of the United States will keep the tariff on bottled olive oil and olives of Spanish origin at 25%, according to the notice issued in the federal registry by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR).
2020/14/02 - Paradores de Turismo is a Spanish public hotel chain that represents a concept of tourism unique in the world. Founded in 1928, its 97 establishments are located in unique places such as historic buildings, castles, convents, palaces and exceptional natural spaces. These locations have consolidated Paradores as an international benchmark for the Spain Brand, which in its establishments is committed toextra virgin olive oil, as highlighted in an interview with Mercacei Rosa María Díaz Fernández, restoration technician of the Southern Region of Tourism from Paradores.
2020/13/02 - A total of 872,237 hectares of organic olive groves were registered worldwide in 2018, compared to 882,938 hectares of the previous year, which represents 8.2% of the total area of ​​this crop, as evidenced by the "World of Agriculture Organic", a report published by the Organic Agriculture Research Institute (FiBL) and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).
2020/11/02 - Asia has established itself as a priority destination for olive oil. China, Japan and Taiwan stand out among the Asian countries where the consumption of this product has grown the most in recent decades. Just to review a fact to highlight: China has gone from consuming 200 tons 20 years ago to import 50,420 during 2019.
2020/10/02 - In May 2017, the World Olive Center for Health was founded in Athens (Greece), an entity dedicated to the study of the healthy properties of extra virgin olive oil that currently has 250 members, SMEs and olive oil producers from seven countries.
2020/07/02 - The European Union is the first producer, exporter and consumer of olive oil in the world. For producing Member States, the EU framework for conformity checks effectively contributed to improve the quality of the products on the market and to reduce the prevalence of fraudulent practices. Those are among the key findings of the Study on the implementation of conformity checks in the olive oil sector throughout the EU, published today by the EC.
2020/06/02 - Italian researchers from the Department of Agriculture of the University of Naples Federico II (group coordinated by Professor Raffaele Sacchi) have characterized an innovative "gelato" (handmade Italian-style ice cream) made by adding extra virgin olive oil as a functional ingredient with the aim of providing health benefits and a characteristic flavor.
2020/05/02 - Under the motto "The olive tree, symbol of peace and development", the Pins Maritimes-SAFEX-Algiers exhibition area will host from March 11 to 14 the third edition of the International Olive Fair, Med Mag Oliva Algeria.
2020/04/02 - The University of Jaén (UJA) will host the III OLEA International Networking Event between May 26 and 28, a meeting in which researchers, companies, public administrations, universities and research institutes will share their experience and strengthen their cooperation regarding projects of R&D in the olive sector.
2020/03/01 - The United States is a strategic market for the Spanish agri-food industry that is going through a delicate situation due to the imposition of tariffs by the Trump Administration on certain products, including Spanish olive oil and olives, keys of the Mediterranean Diet, a food pattern increasingly popular among American consumers.