2018/20/11 - The Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the Olive Pomace Oil Interprofessional (Oriva) have opened a new pathway for the prevention of Alzheimer's through a diet enriched with olive-pomace oil.
2018/16/11 - The Consorzio Olivicolo Italiano (Unaprol) has asked the Government for a National Plan 2.0 that combines innovation and modernity with the historical and cultural heritage of the olive sector in order to guarantee the future of the olive grove.
2018/15/11 - The Greek city of Thessaloniki will host from 7 to 9 April 2019 the third edition of Gourmet Exhibition, an event that promotes the excellence and richness of the Hellenic gastronomy based on extra virgin olive oil and other gourmet products. In its three editions, according to its organizers, this event has become one of the key trade events in the region.
2018/14/11 - A fungus that does not attack wood, but preserves it. It could sound strange, but it is possible. Elke van Nieuwenhuijzen will be receiving her doctorate 7 November for her study of black fungi on oiled wood that behave like a "biofinish". This layer colors the wood and protects it from wood rot and degradation by sunlight. An additional advantage: the fungus automatically repairs damage in the protective layer.
2018/13/11 - The Spanish Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, Maria Luisa Carcedo, announced yesterday the future implementation in Spain of Frontal Nutrition Labeling, which will serve as a reference for the nutritional quality of food and beverages, following the recommendations of various scientific societies, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union (EU).
2018/12/11 - The publisher Nova Science Publishers has published "Olive Tree in the Mediterranean Area: A Mirror of the Tradition and the Biotechnological Innovation", a new book that reviews the historical roots of olive oil, its traditional and innovative production techniques, its varieties or management of the by-products of olive cultivation.
2018/08/11 - The olive sector has been the most damaged by the bad weather that has affected all of Italy in recent weeks. "Water pumps", hail storms and strong winds have already lashed this crop in the course of the 2018/19 campaign, dragging the olives and destroying thousands of olive trees, even centuries old, as reported by the Consorzio Olivicolo Italiano (Unaprol) .
2018/07/11 - The Olive Center will organize a course on the production and quality of table olives from 12 to 13 February 2019 in the facilities of the Seppeltsfield winery in The Barossa (Australia).
2018/06/11 - Brazilian imports of olive oil and olive-pomace oil have increased by 28% during the last campaign 2017/18, reaching maximum values with 76,816.6 tons compared to the previous season, exceeding the average volumes of the last four seasons, according to the latest market report of the International Olive Oil Council (IOC).
2018/05/11 - The Netflix platform has launched a new documentary series called Salt Fat Acid Heat, based on the award-winning cookbook by chef and culinary writer Samin Nosrat, who travels the world to learn more about the essential elements of taste and good cuisine, including extra virgin olive oil.