2019/03/06 - The International Olive Council (IOC) analyzes in its latest newsletter the evolution of the olive sector in Egypt, a country that has just launched an ambitious investment project to plant 100 million olive trees over the next four years and is the world's first olive consumer of table olives.
2019/30/05 - Kurtuba Gastro Bar in Córdoba will host on June 14 the first edition of Food Design Fest, an event that claims the value of design as a generator of innovation in products, services and experiences related to foods such as EVOO.

Interview with Tassos C. Kyriakides, co-founder of the Yale Olive Institute

2019/29/05 - In October 2018, Tassos C. Kyriakides, professor at the Yale School of Public Health, together with his colleague Vasilis Vasiliou, head of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences of this School, initiated the process for the creation of the Yale Olive Institute, an organism that will coordinate rigorous scientific studies on olive oil to contribute to the investigation and dissemination of its healthy benefits. Kyriakides reveals the main objectives of this project, as well as its vision of the EVOO culture in the United States and the consumption of this product among the students of this prestigious American university located in New Haven (Connecticut). Mercacei collects an extract from the interview published in Mercacei Magazine 99.

2019/28/05 - European production of olive oil has stood at 2,250,102 tons until April, according to the latest data from the European Commission (EC). In the case of Spain, production reaches 1,780,907 tons, while in Italy it stands at 17,353 t.
2019/27/05 - The European Commission calls on Member states to take advantage of the potential of new technologies and digitisation in agriculture, with the aim to improve the sustainability and competitiveness of the sector, while simplifying the daily work of farmers. This will be necessary to achieve the objectives set by the current and future common agricultural policy (CAP).
2019/24/05 - Olive oil enjoys a very good position among British consumers and will continue to be the leading oil in British cuisine both for cooking and for salads, according to a study by ICEX Spain Export and Investment.
2019/23/05 - More than 130,000 hectares of traditional non-mechanized olive groves are already in the process of being abandoned and more than 500,000 hectares could disappear in the next decade, according to the report "Save the good oil", commissioned by Deoleo and prepared by the international strategic consultant and olive oil analyst Juan Vilar.
2019/22/05 - Olive oil in Belgium has experienced a very important growth due to the widespread perception that it is the healthy alternative to traditional fats and other cooking oils. Therefore, it has been incorporated into the Belgians usual shopping basket, according to a study by ICEX Spain, Exports and Investments.
2019/21/05 - Maintaining a Mediterranean-type diet may protect against symptoms of depression in later life, according to new research presented at the American Psychiatric Association’s 2019 Annual Meeting.
2019/20/05 - The 19th Fair of Olive Oil and Related Industries, Expoliva 2019, closed its last edition on May 18 after four intense days of exhibition, presentations, lectures and much innovation at the service of the olive and olive oil sector. Among the 382 direct exhibitors and 4,847 brands exhibited at the fair, the presence of Mercacei Publishing Group stood out. After more than two decades of presence at this fair, they decided to celebrate in Jaen its 25th Anniversary with its clients, advertisers and friends from this sector.