2020/17/03 - After declaring the state of alarm in many countries such as Spain due to the Coronavirus, there have been many doubts arising among farm workers, despite the characteristics of their work. Thus, agricultural organizations have clarified the issues raised by farmers in the current situation.
2020/12/03 - While the victims of Covid-19 are proliferating and the global economy is being shaken to its foundation, the olive oil markets have been affected, but keep up moving in a relatively normal pace, although no one can predict the outcome.
2020/11/03 - The National Center for Technology and Food Safety (CNTA) has developed, after three years of research, software that allows quality parameters to be measured in real time and to predict its shelf life.
2020/10/03 - "To say that any food is the healthiest in the world is a rather significant claim, but I am convinced that in the case of extra virgin olive oil there is enough evidence to corroborate it." This has been highlighted in an interview with Dr. Simon Poole, a famous British doctor, researcher and writer, based in Cambridge, who declares himself a passionate ambassador for EVOO and the Mediterranean Diet.
2020/06/03 - Today and tomorrow the tasting days of the International EVOOLEUM Awards Contest will take place, which will gather in Cordoba -the first city with four Unesco World Heritage declarations- the best tasters in the world to evaluate the samples presented in this edition. According to its organizers, AEMO and Mercacei Publishing Group, it is the most successful edition of a competition that has far exceeded all expectations and the number of EVOOs received in previous editions.
2020/05/03 - Portugal has 361,483 ha. of olive grove, with a production of the order of 100-135,000 t. of olive oil, a turnover that exceeds 600 million euros and more than 7 million working days per campaign. In particular, the Alentejo region has established itself as a world reference in the process of modernization and innovation in olive cultivation, which has allowed it to be at the center of attention in the agricultural world.
2020/04/03 - "Following the rapid evolution of the international situation giving rise to evident difficulties concerning all promotional activities, Veronafiere has decided to postpone the dates for Vinitaly, Enolitech and Sol&Agrifood to 14-17 June 2020, judged to be the best period for ensuring the highest business quality standards for exhibitors and visitors." Giovanni Mantovani, CEO of Veronafiere, made this announcement yesterday.
2020/03/03 - Although the consumption of sunflower oil predominates among Romanian consumers, in recent years, demand has shifted towards healthier products, such as olive oil, as they are more aware of the lifestyle beneficial to health, as it appears from a study by ICEX Spain Export and Investment.
2020/02/03 - Imports of virgin olive oil and olive oil from Australia increased by 2% in the 2018/19 campaign, reaching 31,897 tons, the highest figure in the last nine years, according to the latest data from the International Olive Council (IOC) .
2020/28/02 - Consuming extra virgin olive oil has proved to have protecting effects for the health, especially due to its antioxidant content. However, there are not many studies on whether it is the best oil to use when cooking. A study by the University of Barcelona stated this kind of oil keeps the levels of antioxidants –regarded as health- when used for cooking, a common technique in the Mediterranean cuisine. These results could be relevant for future recommendations or nutritional guidelines.