2018/17/07 - Under the slogan "Put doors to the field," two young entrepreneurs from Jaen have created Agro Security, an antitheft device for olives based on a decoy -apparently identical to the fruit- with a built-in radio-frequency identification element so that, through a detector/reader, their origin can be identified when they arrive at the mill to be milled. In an exclusive interview for Mercacei, the inventors of this device, Ricardo Cárdenas and Antonio Berrio, explain in detail what Agro Security consists of, a mechanism also applicable to other crops, which they plan to place on the market in the next harvest season 2019/20.
2018/16/07 - As a result of the mission of the International Olive Oil Council (IOC) in Japan, an operational unit of the Japanese country formed by members of the Parliament and representatives of the Japan Oilseed Processors Association (JOPA) is working to promote Japan's request to become member of this international organization.
2018/13/07 - The Cervantes Institute in New York hosted last night the inauguration of the "Olive Oil World Tour" in the USA. Hosted by the famous fashion chef in The Big Apple, Seamus Mullen, the launch of the global campaign "Let's Make a Tastier World" succeded among the attendees of the evening, in which tastings and demonstrations took place, as well as cocktails and live music.
2018/12/07 - Until now, the Mediterranean Diet (MD) has been widely recommended for the prevention of chronic diseases, but there was a lack of evidence to show a beneficial effect on bone health. Based on this premise, a new research project from the University of East Anglia (Norwich, United Kingdom) has determined that following a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, unrefined grains, olive oil and fish can significantly reduce bone loss on the hip in less than 12 months.
2018/11/07 - Given the information recently published in general media, Dcoop sources have denied the alleged economic sanctions of Customs for importing low quality oil to sell in the US. "It has not been a sanction or a fine, but we have had to pay some tariffs", they have explained in exclusive statements to Mercacei. In this sense, the group advocates to prohibit imports to "all", in order to eliminate "any doubts about the quality and improve the image of Spanish oil", inviting all agents of the olive sector to join this initiative.
2018/10/07 - Presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Nutrition, the analysis shows an improvement by 20% in the adherence to dietary guidelines among US adults could save $30-45 billion per year. Improving the quality of the American’s average diet could substantially reduce costs associated with heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other major health problems.
2018/09/07 - In Taiwan, according to a market study published by ICEX, the growing interest in the consumer about healthy products has represent an increase in the purchase of extra virgin olive oil, penalizing sales of refined olive oil. A decisive factor has been the food scandals that occurred between 2013 and 2014 that have triggered the demand for higher quality edible oils on the island. Given the low birth rate of the region and the aging of the population, the study recommends marketing the product in small formats, of between 0.5 l. and 1 l.
2018/06/07 - We already knew that olive oil consumption in New Zealand -as in many other countries- has become fashionable thanks to the spreading of its healthy effects, the forecast of a good campaign by Olives New Zealand -the association of olive oil producers- and the growing effort of the local olive growers who augur a good future for olive oil in the oceanic country.
2018/05/08 - The leaves of the olive tree (Olea europaea) have been used for centuries to treat diabetes. Today, a clinical trial conducted by researchers at the University of Auckland (New Zealand) has evaluated the ability of polyphenols in the olive leaf to improve the action of insulin and cardiovascular risk in middle-aged overweight men.
2018/04/07 - Iberia has presented today the airplane which will carry the vinyl image of the Olive Oils from Spain promotional campaign throughout Europe, which will generate more than one million impacts in six months. The campaign of the Interprofessional of Spanish Olive Oil and the European Union will fly to 37 cities in 17 different countries.