2019/14/02 - About 882,899 hectares of organic olive groves were registered worldwide in 2017 (+18% compared to 2016), which represents 8.3% of the total area of this crop (10.7 million hectares). Since 2004, when the data on the use of land and crops were first collected, the area of organic olive groves has increased by 180%, going from 314,809 hectares that year to 882,899 hectares in 2017.
2018/13/02 - Olive Oils from Spain, promotional brand of the Interprofessional of Spanish Olive Oil, with the collaboration of Iberia, celebrated yesterday the first extra virgin olive oil tasting in history, at 35,000 feet (more than 10,500 meters) in an Airbus A-321 from the airline that covered the route between Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas and London-Heathrow airports. An action in which some 200 passengers participated.
2019/12/02 - The Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Olio di Oliva (ONAOO) has convened a technical course for future tasters of olive oil, which will be held from April 1 to 5 in Imperia (Italy).
2019/11/02 - From February 13 to 16, the German city of Nuremberg will become the heart of the global organic sector with the celebration of the thirtieth edition of Biofach, the most important show dedicated to organic food products, among which is the organic olive oil.
2019/08/02 - The Basque technological center IK4-Tekniker coordinates Biosmart, an initiative that seeks to develop a new generation of smart packaging that has the ability to improve the conservation of food quality and prolong its useful life, with the mission of reducing waste and carbon dioxide emissions.
2019/06/02 - UC Davis (California, United States) will organize three training activities throughout 2019 that will focus on the cultivation of olive trees, sensory evaluation and master milling.
2019/05/02 -The famous Guinness Book, the Bible of records, says so. With a total of 7,335 ha. of modern olive groves, the olive farm of Al Jouf (Saudi Arabia) is the largest in the world on a single border. An extension that will foreseeably double in 2030, when production could reach 100,000 t. of extra virgin olive oil of great quality. The following is an extract of the article that will be published in the next issue of Mercacei Magazine.
2019/05/02 - The Olive Oil School of Spain presents its olive oil training agenda to be held in English during February 2019. Olive Oil Sommelier, Master Miller and Olive Grove Management will be the three main topics to be covered within the upcoming training agenda.
2019/04/02 - Rome hosted on January 31 a workshop organized by the Consorzio Olivicolo Italiano (Unaprol) that analyzed the strategies to relaunch the Italian olive sector, as well as to combat speculation, fraud, counterfeiting and climate change.
2019/01/02 - Lets talk about oil and olives, about movies and gastronomy. Here is a cinematographic selection taking cuisine, the olive and/or extra virgin as an axis and a leitmotiv, a pretext or prop, leaving no room for indifference. A beautiful article published in Olivatessen by Mercacei #4. Lights, camera and... action!