2019/01/03 - We begin 2019 by reviewing the national and international agricultural, food fairs and events that will be held throughout this new year and which are interesting for olive oil companies to present their products, increase or consolidate their sales, access new markets and recognize EVOO as a key product of the Mediterranean Diet.
2018/02/01 - The International Association of Experts in Olive Oil (Aexpov) is a non-profit organization that is being created in order to be an instrument in favor of the dissemination of quality EVOOs, as well as their knowledge among producers, marketers, industries and consumers.
2018/28/12 - We say goodbye to 2018, a year of projects, research, news, curiosities, innovations... that have been translated into information of great interest for our sector. Do you want to remember the 20 most read news throughout these twelve months?
2019/08/03 - The tasting days of the EVOOLEUM Awards 2019 International Competition begin today, which will bring together the best tasters in the world in Cordoba to evaluate the samples presented to this edition. According to its organizers -AEMO and Mercacei Publishing Group-, it is the most successful edition of a competition that has far exceeded all expectations and the number of EVOOs received in all previous editions.
2018/18/12 - We face the last days of the year taking stock of 2018, an exercise in which we have discovered several projects and innovations that have been launched in our sector, promoting the modernization of olive cultivation and the production of olive oil. Here is a selection of 20 interesting initiatives.
2018/27/12 - The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has published the Olive Oil Market Bulletin, with the data of November 30, 2018, which shows that production in the second month of the campaign is half of that obtained in the previous season due to the delay in ripening and the rains that have made harvesting very difficult.
2018/26/12 - Reusing olive pits and providing more wealth than what is currently obtained by being burned as biomass was the idea of this project started in 2013, which has now been launched through the brand Paninos: to produce original and sustainable coatings with this part of the olives.
2018/21/12 - In addition to culture, history, gastronomy or economy, EVOO means health and research projects continue to provide us with new and valuable discoveries about the benefits derived from its consumption. Here is a selection of some of the many studies that have been released in 2018.
2018/11/12 - Researchers from the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group of the University of Jaén (UJA) develop new mathematical models to predict the quality of extra virgin olive oil and optimize its production process.
2019/07/02 - EVOOLEUM Awards bursted four years ago with great strength in the international scene supported, among other reasons, by its extreme rigor and the spectacular Tasting Panel that constituted its Jury. After the consolidation of the third edition, and less than two weeks away from the end of the registration period, we speak about the fourth edition of this unique contest in the world with its two great architects: José María Penco, Director of the Competition and Juan A. Peñamil, Editor of the Guide.