09/30/2014 - The ChileOliva association, along with ProChile, will organize once again the National Olive Oil Conference, which will be held on 16 October at the center of events and conventions Espacio Riesco in Santiago de Chile.
09/29/2014 - The Spanish Association of Olive Municipalities (AEMO) has opened a new call to participate in the various competitions which each year recognize the best monumental olive tree, the best mill and the best promotion of the olive culture.


09/26/2014 - Mercacei offers the opinion of Carla Marano Marcolini, Esther López Zafra and Manuel Parras Rosa, members of the University of Jaen, on the information that is provided to the consumer in terms of the descriptions and definitions in the field of olive oil.
09/25/2014 - The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (Magrama) and the olive sector have held a meeting of the Sectoral olive oil and table olives working group to analyze the market situation, from data provided by the Information and Food Control Agency (AICA) up to August 31st, from which it appears that exports are above one million tons.
09/24/2014 - Canadian writer and adventurer Julie Angus embarks through Olive Odyssey on a new and wonderful journey, but this time towards the secrets of the olive culture. Written for foodies, adventurers and even historians, this book is an ode to one of the foods which make the world fall in love and a passionate and fascinating biography of this ubiquitous fruit through the stunning landscapes of its origin. Here is an excerpt from the article published in Mercacei Magazine 80 in the Library section.
09/23/2014 - The Center of Interpretation of the Olive Tree and Olive Oil in Úbeda (Jaén) will organize tomorrow the First Meeting "Extra Virgin, Healthy Heritage" in order to highlight extra virgin olive oil through the knowledge and experience of prominent industry experts.
09/22/2014 - The world production of olive oil will be 2,618,000 tons in the upcoming 2014/15 season, according to forecasts from the International Centre of Excellence for Olive Oil GEA Westfalia Separator Ibérica. For Spain the estimation for production is of 960,000 tons, 36% of the total global supply and 47% less than in the previous season.
09/19/2014 - The California Department of Food and Agriculture has approved grading and labeling standards for California olive oil, which are scheduled to take effect on September 26, 2014, in time for the upcoming olive harvest season.
09/18/2014 - India has a growth projection in consumption of olive oil in the coming years due to lack of local production that can't supply the demand as the growing middle class is increasingly concerned about a healthy diet, starting to introduce this product in the kitchen.
09/17/2014 - Of fine -not delicate- appearance, David Muñoz (Madrid, 1980) hides inside a great mind that catches you trough his speech, seamless solid, bright and intelligent. Muñoz, l'enfant terrible of Spanish cuisine, transgressive and revolutionary, perfect icon for foodies, just moved his DiverXo Restaurant in Madrid -the only with three Michelin stars in the city- to a much wider space located in the NH Eurobuilding Hotel. Here is an excerpt from the interview with this chef, published in Mercacei Magazine 80 at the Gourmet Experience section.