2014/12/09 - The International Fair SIAL Canada, to be held in Toronto from 28 to 30th April 2015, will host a new edition of the Olive d'Or, the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Award, which in 2014 was attended by over 110 EVOOs from 14 countries.

2014/12/05 - Designed by producers Franci Giorgio and Marco Viola, Opera Olei is an innovative project that unites six Italian territories and exalts six monovarietal EVOOs of the highest quality with a great personality and a modern design.

2014/12/04 - It is twenty years since we published the first Mercacei Magazine... Two decades deserve a big celebration and the best way to do this is with all the people who we appreciate and admire. And so it has been. We have celebrated in style this twenty years inviting all of our friends and some of the best professionals of this sector to offer us their vision of how the industry has changed over the years.
2014/12/03 - The International Olive Council (IOC) expects a global production of olive oil in 2014/15 of 2,393,000 tons, representing a decrease of 26.8% compared to the previous season.
2014/12/02 - Every year the International Olive Council organises the competition for the Mario Solinas Quality Award. The aim of organising this competition is to encourage individual producers, producer associations and packers in the producing countries to market extra virgin olive oils displaying harmonious organoleptic characteristics and to encourage consumers to recognise and appreciate the sensory attributes of such oils.
2014/12/01 - Extra Virgin Olive Oil presents quite positive future prospects in Poland, as appears in a report of Extenda-Andalusian Trade Promotion Agency in which the current situation of both the olive oil and table olives sector are studied on the Polish market as well as its evolution in recent years, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, supported by expert opinions in marketing (importers and distributors).
2014/11/28 - The Spanish production of olive oil in the first month of the campaign stood at 29,100 tons, representing an increase of 231% over the data obtained in the same month during the previous season and a 189% higher than the average of the last four, according to the latest data of the AICA (Agency of Food Control and Information from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture).
2014/11/27 - The Ifapa Venta del Llano of Mengibar (Jaén) has developed a decalogue that covers the measures that need to be taken for the prevention and control of ethyl esters in extra virgin olive oil. A disclosure document and an effective support for master millers and technicians.
2014/11/26 - The aim of the Zurich International Olive Oil Award and OLIO 2015 is to strengthen the confidence of the consumers into the product “Virgin Olive Oil” and to promote transparency on the olive oil market.
2014/11/25 - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes has been held in New York since 2012, and returns to Manhattan in 2015, bringing some of the best extra virgin olive oils from around the world for participants to taste, expanding their tasting knowledge, skills and experience.