2019/13/11 - The 2019/20 olive oil campaign in Spain is getting off to a good start by marketing more than 150,000 tons in October, according to the provisional data from the Food Information and Control Agency (AICA). Of the 150,040 tons sold in October, Agri-food Cooperatives estimates that about 70% (105,000 t.) was exported, while 30% was destined for the national market.
2019/12/11 - The European Commission (EC) has officially published the Regulation establishing tender procedures on the amount of aid for the private storage of olive oil.
2019/11/11 - Spain, with 23,031 tons in the 2017/18 campaign, and Italy, with 5,480 tons, are the main suppliers of olive oil to Australia, adding 89.9% of the total, followed by Greece, with 4.4% (1,380 t.), according to the latest newsletter of the International Olive Council (IOC).
2019/08/11 - The North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA), an entity that represents the interests of olive oil importing companies in the North American market, has defended a uniform national identity standard for olive oil that can offer consumers greater confidence in the product they acquire.
2019/07/11 - Olive oils from Spain, promotional brand of the Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional, has launched the most ambitious communication campaign in its history for the Spanish market with the aim of revitalizing its consumption on the basis of a Kantar study on the perception of this product.
2019/06/11 - The Round Table of the Mediterranean Diet has prepared its program of events for 2020 through which it plans to expand the appreciation and implementation of this food pattern in the United States.
2019/05/11 - After the success of the previous editions, AEMO and Mercacei Publishing Group have announced that the registration for the fifth edition of the EVOOLEUM World’s TOP100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils International Competition, the most influential competition in the world, is now open. Once again, EVOOLEUM will recognize the 100 best EVOOs of this campaign, which will enjoy unprecedented promotion and dissemination through the EVOOLEUM Guide, which has become the essential reference manual for distributors, importers, prescribers, consumers and chefs from all over the planet.
2018/31/10 - Exclusive interviews with Francis Ford Coppola, Rafa Nadal, Pau Gasol, Massimo Bottura, the Roca brothers... It seemed impossible to overcome the contents of previous issues; however, Olivatessen # 5 promises to be eternal. Singer Sting, film director Isabel Coixet, chef Mauro Colagreco and New York consultant Nick Coleman will star in the next issue of the only publication in the world dedicated to promoting high-end extra virgin culture. In addition, we discover the latest in EVOO tasting, leisure, culture and lifestyle plans for EVOO lovers. A delicious, fresh and unique number.
2019/27/03 - After several years almost touching the sky, Oro Bailén Picual has achieved it: best EVOO in the world (EVOOLEUM 2019 ABSOLUTE BEST) in the fourth edition of the International Competition for the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVOOLEUM Awards, promoted by Mercacei Publishing Group and AEMO. Once again, Spain exhibits its power by placing eight extra virgins in the EVOOLEUM TOP10, with the Picual variety as the main protagonist.
2019/26/11 - Long live EVOO! This is how the EVOOLEUM Awards Gala's host, the TV presenter Cristina Villanueva, closed this event. The passion for Premium extra virgin olive oil was once again evident in an event organized by Mercacei Publishing Group that raised Oro Bailén Picual as the Best EVOO in the World and recognized the director and screenwriter Isabel Coixet and the chef with 2 Michelin stars Diego Guerrero (DSTAgE) as EVOO Ambassadors.