2018/05/08 - The leaves of the olive tree (Olea europaea) have been used for centuries to treat diabetes. Today, a clinical trial conducted by researchers at the University of Auckland (New Zealand) has evaluated the ability of polyphenols in the olive leaf to improve the action of insulin and cardiovascular risk in middle-aged overweight men.
2018/04/07 - Iberia has presented today the airplane which will carry the vinyl image of the Olive Oils from Spain promotional campaign throughout Europe, which will generate more than one million impacts in six months. The campaign of the Interprofessional of Spanish Olive Oil and the European Union will fly to 37 cities in 17 different countries.
2018/03/07 - As long as they grow within the suitable latitudes in terms of temperature and rainfall, olive tree crops adapt to all types of soil and terrain. Of course, the soil’s fertility and water availability -if irrigation is possible- does affect the production, and moderate slopes facilitate mechanization, especially of the harvest. This is why countryside or lowland olive groves reach profitability sooner, given that its production costs are much lower in comparison to highland and dryland olive groves with lower unit productions, whose farming mostly depends on manual labor.
2018/02/07 - The Italian Institute of Services for the Agrifood Market has presented its Gusto in-EVOluzione report, in which it highlights the confusion of the Italian consumer regarding the categories or origin of olive oil, which translates in more time when choosing in the supermarket.
2018/29/06 - New York will host from June 30 to July 2 a new edition of the Summer Fancy Food Show, one of the most important international professional meetings in the world for the gourmet sector. Mercacei Publishing Group with its two gastro publications, Olivatessen by Mercacei and the EVOOLEUM Guide will attend this fair.

Interview with the Executive Director of the California Olive Oil Council (COOC)

2018/28/07 - Patricia Darragh has lead the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) for more than 20 years. When she entered this organization, they did not even have a website and today they manage the quality and promotion of the EVOOs produced by their more than 400 members. Avid traveler, in love with Mediterranean cuisine and with her ideas as clear as water and deep as the aroma of a good Arbequino Olive Oil. Darragh is an unconventional woman; But in the complex world of the extra virgin, who is?

Six Spanish EVOOs, two Portuguese, one Italian and one French make up the TOP10 of the most awarded EVOOs in the world

2018/27/06 - Knolive Epicure, from Knolive Oils, SL, based in Priego de Córdoba, has been proclaimed the Best EVOO in the world in the 2017/18 campaign, according to the results of the "The World's Best Olive Oils" ranking, the most prestigious, rigorous and objective of the world. For its part, Almazaras de la Subbética, S.L. has revalidated its triumph in the categories "World's Best Organic Olive Oils", "World's Best Olive Oil Mills" and "World's Best Organic Olive Oil Mills".
2016/26/06 - That is the argument of the surprising fictional documentary that Olive Oils from Spain has presented in the United States. The campaign focuses especially on the origin of Spanish olive oils as a guarantee of quality and sustainability, also delving into their healthy and culinary virtues.
2018/25/06 - With the presence of 14 member countries and 9 observer countries, after four days of meetings, last Friday the 107th Session of the International Olive Council (IOC) closed at the San Martín Palace in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The meeting, which represents the maximum global appointment of the olive oil and table olives sector, highlighted the primacy of Argentina in the olive growing industry of the American continent.
2018/22/06 - Thanks to the recent collaboration agreement between Iberia and the Interprofessional of Spanish Olive Oil, Spanish EVOOs will reinforce its presence in the priority markets for the sector, particularly in the United States and Asia, where the company is undertaking an ambitious expansion of its International network. On July 4, the Minister of Agriculture and the Presidents of the airline and the Interprofessional will kick off this important communication campaign in an "high-end event".