2019/21/02 - Fiera del Levante in Bari (Italy) welcomes from today and until February 23 EnoliExpo, the Italian national fair dedicated to technology, machinery and services for the production of olive oil and wine.
2019/07/02 - EVOOLEUM Awards bursted four years ago with great strength in the international scene supported, among other reasons, by its extreme rigor and the spectacular Tasting Panel that constituted its Jury. After the consolidation of the third edition, and less than two weeks away from the end of the registration period, we speak about the fourth edition of this unique contest in the world with its two great architects: José María Penco, Director of the Competition and Juan A. Peñamil, Editor of the Guide.
2019/29/01 - Appearances in more than a hundred national and international media -written and online, as well as radio stations-, with a value or advertising impact of around 478,000 euros, 84 million views and more than eight million of listeners. These are some of the spectacular numbers achieved by the communication campaign of the EVOOLEUM 2019 Guide promoted by Mercacei Publishing Group and carried out by the agency Aires News Comunicación -the largest in the history in terms of an editorial product of the olive sector- between November 2018 and January 2019. Never has a publication related to extra virgin olive oil reached such figures.
2019/22/01 - Mercacei Publishing Group delivered yesterday a total of 36 Awards to the best producers in the world according to the EVOOLEUM Best of Class Awards, the International Awards for the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In addition, chef María José San Román received the EVOOLEUM Award for the Promotion and Dissemination of EVOO.
2018/31/10 - Exclusive interviews with Francis Ford Coppola, Rafa Nadal, Pau Gasol, Massimo Bottura, the Roca brothers... It seemed impossible to overcome the contents of previous issues; however, Olivatessen # 5 promises to be eternal. Singer Sting, film director Isabel Coixet, chef Mauro Colagreco and New York consultant Nick Coleman will star in the next issue of the only publication in the world dedicated to promoting high-end extra virgin culture. In addition, we discover the latest in EVOO tasting, leisure, culture and lifestyle plans for EVOO lovers. A delicious, fresh and unique number.
2018/12/09 - Mercacei Publishing Group has launched the third edition of the EVOOLEUM World's TOP100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils Guide that showcases the selection of the 100 best EVOOs in the world according to the results obtained in the EVOOLEUM Awards. A deluxe edition, prologued by the renowned Italian chef Carlo Cracco, where the reader can find Mediterranean recipes by 3 Michelin-star-chef Quique Dacosta, surprising articles about culinary uses of extra virgin olive oil, the latest trends in the world of the olive tree and more, much more. Such a pleasure for the senses.
2019/20/02 - As part of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) proposals for 2021-2027, a new tool is being developed to help farmers manage the use of nutrients on their farm. The Farm Sustainability Tool for Nutrients (FaST), proposed in the framework of the Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions (GAECs), aims to facilitate a sustainable use of fertilisers for all farmers in the EU while boosting the digitisation of the agricultural sector.
2019/19/02 - The Sala del Grillo del Parco di Pinocchio in Collodi (Italy) will host on February 23 Pane e Olio! Le Merende di Pinocchio, a fun and educational event for children to discover an adequate diet through bread and EVOO and where they can play, taste and enjoy the advice of experts in nutrition, while attending the presentation of L'Oleoteca di Pinocchio.
2019/18/02 - The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Vigo (Ourense, Spain) will host on March 7 a work session in which national and international experts will delve into the benefits of the consumption of extra virgin olive oil.
2019/15/02 - The European Parliament (EP) approved on February 13 the free trade and investment protection agreements between the European Union (EU) and Singapore. This trade agreement will eliminate practically all tariffs between both parties within five years and liberalizes the exchange of services, including retail banking, but guarantees the protection of unique products, including olive oil.