2020/27/03 - Spain is the leading producer of olive oil in the world, with a significant generation of waste from the pitting of the fruit. Until now, this waste was destined for its energy recovery through incineration, but AIMPLAS, the Technological Institute of Plastic, and OLIPE, Olivarera de los Pedroches, are carrying out the GO-OLIVA project that will allow finding an application with high added value to this residue for the manufacture of new sustainable packaging for the oil itself and its derivatives.
The exclusive TOP10 of the V International Awards for the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVOOLEUM Awards, promoted by Mercacei Publishing Group and AEMO, has registered, for the first time since its creation, a tie between EVOOs from Spain and Italy, with five representatives of each one. Don Gioacchino Grand Cru, from Azienda Agricola Sabino Leone, holds first place in an edition that includes extra virgins from other countries such as Greece, Croatia, Israel, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey and China -the great novelty this year-.
2020/19/03 - The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has dramatically changed our lifestyle. Given the imposition of confinement in our homes, the Professor of Immunology at the University of Jaén, José J. Gaforio, offers us a practical guide to manage this situation as well as possible and in which the consumption of EVOO and practicing exercise are essential.
2020/13/03 - For the second consecutive year, Mercacei Publishing Group and AEMO -organizers of the EVOOLEUM Awards, the International Quality Awards of the EVOO- open an extraordinary call to participate in the EVOOLEUM Packaging Awards. Although all the EVOOs registered for the EVOOLEUM Awards already automatically participate in this packaging contest, this call -whose registration period ends on May 8- is an opportunity for all those producers who wish to register only in this category. Does your extra virgin have a unique packaging? Now you can prove it in this contest.
2020/09/03 - Córdoba hosted on March 6 and 7 the best EVOO tasters in the world to evaluate the samples presented in the fifth edition of the International EVOOLEUM Awards Contest organized by AEMO and Mercacei Publishing Group. The most influential media in Andalusia, as well as numerous authorities and representatives of the sector -such as the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, the Interprofessional or the FPCO- did not want to miss an event that has become a mandatory appointment and meeting point of the culture of the extra virgin worldwide.

The damned coronavirus has changed -or rather, shaken- our lives and the oil industry obviously does not remain oblivious to this relentless reality. Rafael Cárdenas, director of the Centre of Excellence for Olive Oil of GEA, wanted to share with the readers of Mercacei an accurate and brilliant reflection on different levels about the current world scenario imposed by the virus and its repercussions and consequences for the international olive oil sector.

The managing director of the Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero Foundation, Ricardo Domínguez, addresses in this article the development of an information platform called Trazado, which consists of a real-time information system that registers the incomes and outcomes of olive oil between the different facilities in the value chain.
2020/23/03 - The training of personnel and the supervision of the correct maintenance of food hygiene practices -among which stand out those related to hand washing, as well as the correct use of work clothes to avoid contamination- are some of AINIA's recommendations regarding the COVID-19 crisis. We detail the rest below.
2020/20/03 - Food spending continues to grow vigorously because of COVID-19. In the week of March 2 to 8 -and within packaged food-, the greatest growth was detected in cereals (38%), legumes (37%), cocoa (25%), rice (22%) and pasta (19%), but there was also a notable increase in products such as olives (68%) due to the closure of bars and restaurants, as reported by the consulting company Kantar.
2020/18/03 - From March 2 to 8, the effect of COVID-19 was noticeable for the second consecutive week in mass-consumer sales, which increased by 8.4% compared to sales in the same period of the previous year, according to Nielsen data, which points out that the growth of olive oil in the last week of February was 5.1%, while in the first week of March it was 0.9%.