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A biennial printed publication, launched every odd year, containing the most complete and updated list of mills, cooperatives and olive oil bottlers, arranged by provinces and autonomous regions (manufacturers, bottlers, pomace extractors, and refineries). Essential information for the optimization of the commercial work of the sector’s professionals.

The data shown for each company are as follows: 


 Company • Address • PO Box • CP • City • Province • E-mail • Phone • Fax • Web • Staff 


Activity • Other activities • Miscellaneous remarks • Annual Sales • Number of employees • Number of shareholders • Shows attended with stand • Prizes and Awards • Quality control certifications  


Total olive grove surface • Olive tree feet (total number of olive trees) • Type of olive traditional olive grove • Organic olive grove (%) • New planting type olive grove • Intensive cultivation within the new planting • Olive varieties grown and percentage • Percentage of irrigated and non-irrigated olive grove • Use of fertilizers and pesticides • Harvest methods • Date of harvest 


Year of establishment • Usual elaboration period • Olive varieties • Average daily entry  of olives • Olive storage capacity • 24-hour milling capacity • Elaboration method used • Pulp-bone Separation Process • Computerized parts of the process • Possession of a laboratory • Oil types manufactured • Warehouse storage capacity • Types of storage tanks • Average annual production volume of oil • Destination of production (bulk, bottling, etc ...) • Destination of pomace and pomace pastes   


 Brands, types and oil packaging format • Oil marketing area and surface • Annual volume of bottled oil • Percentage of filtered and unfiltered bottling • Type of machinery used for bottling • Possession of a laboratory  


 Average annual pomace entry • Type of pomace • Pomace storage capacity • Pulp-bone Separation • Drying System • Extraction System • Extraction capacity per day • Distillation System • Average production of crude pomace oil per year • Generation/ Cogeneration of power