Publications > Mercacei Weekly

Weekly printed newsletter (46 issues per year) with all the technical and specialized information, for the olive oil and olive growing sector. It includes, among others, the following sections and contents:



Review and analysis of one or more topics of interest to the sector.

Market Quotes.

Operations and home prices in olive oil, seed oil, animal and vegetable fats and raw materials for related industries, which are a reference for operators.

National and EU Regulations.

All legislation, regulations and 
 decisions affecting the sector.


Monthly and yearly evolution of source and consumer pricing.

Foreign Trade.

Imports and exports of all oils,  fats, oilseeds, flours and oilseed cakes, cereals and soaps.


Information on the topics of greatest current interest to the sector. Newest technical developments, business, agronomic, sales and marketing reports, activities in mills and cooperatives, quality and R & D + i, associations, government agencies, meetings and courses, awards, exhibitions and events, etc..

Table Olive.

Updated information relating to the sector of table olives.

Market information and consumer prices.

Tracking of quotes and retail prices of different oil types, formats and brands in small, medium and large 
 surface sales. Monthly comparative study of price evolution.


National and international calendar of all calls for exhibitions and events, symposiums, conferences and other events of interest to the sector.