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Quarterly printed publication (4 issues per year) with over 250 full color pages containing the most complete information about current events in the olive oil, olive growing, and table olives sectors, both nationally and internationally. It includes features, stories, in-depth analysis, interviews, special monographic issues, and collaborations from some of the most prestigious and recognized industry experts.

Its contents are as follows:


Assessment of outstanding issue or issues occurring in the last three months. 

Market analysis 
Quarterly Summary of oil market activity. Detailed analysis of the evolution of prices. Statistical processing.

Articles and reports on all exhibitions, competitions and industry events (technical seminars, conferences, symposiums, courses, awards, trade-shows) and other current events.

The World of Brands
Showcase of the most prominent brands of EVOO and derived products, and new releases.

Articles on R & D and the latest discoveries and research projects that are developed in the sector, signed by leading experts.

Analysis and in-depth studies on traditional and emerging countries and markets in the olive and olive oil sector.

Mercacei América 
Extensive reports and updates on everything related to the olive sector in South American (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Peru).

The Interview
In-depth interview of an important figure in the industry.

The Mercacei Meetings 
Informal meetings around a table to address current issues relevant to the sector, featuring key sector figures.

Cooperatives and The Shelf
Report on a mill or cooperative and a company dedicated to bottling and/or distribution.


Presentation of an industry or service belonging to the sector, news and releases.

Reporting on a gourmet establishment in which extra virgin olive oil is the main protagonist.

Gourmet Experience 
Reports on companies producing Premium EVOOs for the gourmet segment and interviews with renowned gourmet chefs using extra virgin olive oil as a base in their kitchen.

All the news on olive cultivation techniques (fertilization, irrigation and fertigation, harvesting, plantations, olive varieties and diseases, integrated production ...). Agronomic reports.

Table Olive 
All the news on the field of table olives.

Organic Olive Grove 
Section devoted to organic farming and organic EVOO.

Global statistics from all segments of the industry: production, prices, foreign markets, consumption, etc..

Information on  national and EU regulations related to the industry.

Collects some of the most notable new publications related to the field of olive cultivation, olive oil and table olives.

Useful information on all essential events of the sector.