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Since 1994, the publishing group Mercacei-Edimarket Editores specializes in the production of professional publications for the olive oil, table olives and olive growing sectors. Made up by a strong team of professionals with extensive experience in the food industry, Mercacei also features the contributions of leading experts and collaborators, as well as an extensive network of correspondents in all of Spain’s production areas - every one of them a sales agent with an impeccable career in the field of olive oil - making it possible to offer readers the most reliable and thorough information regarding the state of markets and prices. This makes Mercacei the main reference for oil operations taking place daily in our country. In addition, the company has correspondents in Italy and South America, as well as partners throughout the Mediterranean Basin and Australia.

An undisputed leader in its segment, the Group currently has five publications that make it possible to provide all sector operators with the best informational tools for the optimal development of their professional activity, facilitating the decision making process:

Mercacei Semanal Mercacei Weekly
Weekly bulletin containing all the information in the olive growing, olive oil and table olives industry (market, news, shows and events, vendors showcase, courses and calls, calendar ...), including prices and quotes from different olive oils and other fats (pomace, seeds ...) as well as pricing in major retail brands.

Mercacei Semanal Mercacei Magazine
Quarterly magazine with an in-depth and rigorous focus on a wide variety of industry-related content through features, stories, interviews, analysis, specials, etc., with fixed and variable frequency sections. Includes the signature of renowned experts and key figures in the industry.

Mercacei Semanal Olive Oil Companies and Brands Guide
A biennial publication, edited every odd year, contains the most complete and updated list of manufacturers and bottlers of the olive oil sector, arranged by provinces and autonomous regions (manufacturers, bottlers, pomace extractors and refineries).

Mercacei Semanal Industry Guide for the Olive and Olive Growing Sector
Biennial, published every even year, this essential reference tool for the whole of the olive and olive growing sector and related industries contains updated and comprehensive information for the suppliers segment of the olive, olive oil and table olive sector.

Mercacei Semanal Mercacei Guide for Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oils
The first and only Guide for Spanish extra virgin olive oil brands in our country, including more than a thousand references and information on the various olive oil tourist routes or specialty shops and restaurants, as well as recipes and pairings.

Olivatessen by Mercacei Olivatessen by Mercacei
Olivatessen by Mercacei is an innovative publication in English, with a print-run of 15.000 copies, dedicated exclusively to promote the culture of EVOO and value its producers. This publication communicates in an attractive and enticing manner, by means of evocative articles, contents which will help broaden awareness about this product and encourage consumption. Contributing to making EVOOs the “It” product by way of an elegant design and inventive layout, with modern and cosmopolitan concepts. It will be delivered in the Olivatessen’s booth at Foodex (Japan), Summer Fancy Food Show (New York), SOL (Verona), Olio Officina Food Festival (Milan), Alimentaria (Barcelona) and Madrid Fusion (Madrid). Its online version will be available at www.mercacei.com (with 600.000 monthly page views) and www.olivatessen.com, and will be included in Mercacei’s daily Newsletter which is sent out to 15.000 professionals worldwide.

Suplementos by Mercacei EVOOLEUM Guide
The EVOOLEUM World’s TOP 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Guide -which is printed in English and Spanish and has its own app- introduces the exclusive TOP100 EVOOs, or in other words, the best 100 extra virgin olive oils in the world, according to the results obtained in the first edition of the EVOOLEUM Awards, International Prizes for Quality in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, organized by AEMO and Mercacei. A competition that, in addition to standing out for its absolute rigor and reliability, it boasts having the most spectacular jury, or tasting panel, that currently exists, and possibly the best group of international tasters never before gathered.

All of these publications are distributed in Spain, Portugal, the Mediterranean Basin and South America, as well as other destinations and emerging countries in the olive oil sector - either producers or consumers - such as the U.S., Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

Additionally, Mercacei is commonly present with their own stand at more than a dozen shows and national and international competitions, while maintaining close collaboration with the organization of such events, jointly developing various activities related to the promotion and dissemination of olive oil.

Some of the events Mercacei attended with their own stand are: Expoliva (Jaen), Simei (Milan), Agroexpo (Badajoz), Olio Officina (Milan), Fima (Zaragoza), Olio Capitale (Trieste), Salón Gourmets (Madrid), Alimentaria (Barcelona), Madrid Fusión, SOL (Verona), Medoliva (Arezzo), Bióptima (Jaen), Feria del Olivo de Montoro (Cordoba), Futuroliva (Baeza), España Original (Ciudad Real), Hispack & Bta (Barcelona), Terraolivo (Israel), SIAM (Morocco) and Expolivo (Catamarca).

Touring the world of EVOO

Throughout all these years, Mercacei has been present with its own stand at hundreds of trade shows around the olive oil world..