Opera Olei: a Journey of the Senses through the Culture of Italian EVOO

Opera Olei: a Journey of the Senses through the Culture of Italian EVOO

2014/12/05 - Designed by producers Franci Giorgio and Marco Viola, Opera Olei is an innovative project that unites six Italian territories and exalts six monovarietal EVOOs of the highest quality with a great personality and a modern design.

From the north to the south of Italy, this alliance between producers meets passion for excellence in extra virgin olive oil, embodied in the extraction of oil from green olives and respecting the traditional systems, as have highlighted its promoters.

A balanced synthesis that enhances the territory, its culture and its producer. Companies involver are Casaliva dell'Agraria Riva del Garda (Trentino); Frantoio di Franci (Tuscany); Moraiolo di Viola (Umbria); Itrana di Quattrociocchi (Lazio); Ottobratica dell'Olearia San Giorgio (Calabria); y Tonda Iblea de Frantoi Cutrera (Sicily). All of them winners in major international competitions.

This limited edition "special reserve" named Opera Olei consists comes from a careful selection of each producer, certified by the six of them in bottles of 100 ml.

Six containers are presented in a box made from a single material made out of 18 perforated layers of cardboard. Designed by Mirko Tattarini, it is 100% recyclable and protects both the aesthetics and the quality of the EVOO.

Opera Olei, which is already available in gourmet stores in different countries, also includes a booklet on the history of olive oil, trying to promote quality culture of this key food of the Mediterranean Diet.

"At a time when there is an important lack of consumer confidence in extra virgin olive oil Made in Italy, Opera Olei sends a message of authenticity," stressed the president of the Consorzio Opera Olei, Riccardo Scarpellini, who believes that this iniciative is "an elixir of life, fragrance, elegance, taste and health."

For more information: info@operaolei.it

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