Two decades that changed the olive oil industry

Two decades that changed the olive oil industry

2014/12/04 - It is twenty years since we published the first Mercacei Magazine... Two decades deserve a big celebration and the best way to do this is with all the people who we appreciate and admire. And so it has been. We have celebrated in style this twenty years inviting all of our friends and some of the best professionals of this sector to offer us their vision of how the industry has changed over the years.
And they have done so with a great deal of generosity. So, we started from the ground, the roots, where everything is born. The block of Agronomy -undertaken by the invaluable and selfless coordination of Victorino Vega- consists of the articles A view over the olive and olive oil industry over the last 20 years; The varietal diversity; Planting Systems; Pests in the olive grove; Olive Diseases; Watering in the olive grove; Innovations in mechanized olive harvesting; Advances in soil management; Innovation in the olive grove; and Costs of olive growing in different production systems.

""Then, as the natural process continues with the fruit of the olive tree -also thanks to the infinite help of José Mª Penco and Juan Vilar-, we find the article Elaboration and processing technology; Quality in virgin olive oil. Unique juices; and From orientation to Production to Market orientation: 20 years of lights and "leftovers" in Spanish olive cultivation.

Once we have a wonderful product in our hands, it's time to put on the market, either here or abroad, through Marketing. To make sure everything goes smoothly we have more contents such as The marketing of olive oil (an important part, the raw material); Internationalization and differentiation of Spanish EVOO. Experiences of a life on the road; and Developed in oil export to foreign countries.

But as we always demand more of what we like and what we fight for, we decide to show our product to the world and look for recognition through awards, many of them focused on Packaging, in addition to the quality of the olive juice.

However, not pleased with these recognitions, we decide to fight for flattery beyond our borders, through internationalisation, explained in the article International expansion in the olive sector; and 20 years in the trade in olive oil with Mercacei's help.

For all of this to come true, it is essential to have an very important tool: the art of tasting, as stated in The Tasting process and the Organoleptic Properties; while we dismantle myths in The Chain of "no value" of olive oil in Spain: a structural problem.

Now, once we have crossed this threshold we must relax and start to enjoy the olive juice. If this tree can become millennium, we can try to be the same just drinking its potion. There is nothing better for Human Health, or so we corroborate in the research articles EVOO and Health: story of a (un)meeting; and Olive oil and Cancer prevention. Evolution of knowledge in the last 20 years of research and future prospects.

To disseminate these projects we need Promotional actions, such as the ones taken care of by the Interprofesional del Aceite de Oliva Español. Although to really enjoy this product what better than to wander through its paths, breathe its aroma and taste all its flavors through the experience of Oleoturism.

And without having forgotten anyone or anything, we say goodbye to 20 years of Ecological Production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil; and Public Goods and Profitability of local olive systems in Spain.

And as these years would not have been possible without all of you, we thank you one by one for being there, turning all of Mercacei Magazine's pages, reading our words and accompanying us on this journey, in this vital and emotional journey.

Our boundless gratitude is for all of our correspondents, subscribers and advertisers, for twenty years betting on us.

My mother, Lola, taught us to undertake our responsibility with respect, with dignity, with effort and with a radical independence.

Hundreds of trips, trade fairs, conferences, events... always carrying our Mercacei Magazine; thousands of news written, contrasted, checked... all of these, to create value to our readers and advertisers.

If we have managed to inform, put you on the track, help you a little in your sales, to disclose, to remember your brand... all this has been worth it.

And to thank you for all the support and collaboration, for the first time since we launched our new website we have uploaded our latest issue for everyone. Here's Mercacei Magazine Twentieth Anniversary, Two Decades that Changed the Olive Oil Sector. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did writing it!
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