Taiwan will tighten requirements for edible oil imports

Taiwan will tighten requirements for edible oil imports

10/23/2014 - The Taiwanese government will soon require importers of edible oils to submit test reports certified by the authorities of the exporting countries.
The measure is taken after Taiwan's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suspected that a Vietnamese exporter used fake test reports to sell animal feed oil to Taiwan as an edible oil, as recorded by ICEX Spain Trade and Investment on its website, citing information contained in Focus Taiwan.

Specifically, the requirement will apply to all shipments of more than 150 kilograms of oil, whether vegetable or animal-based. Therefore, test reports issued by private certification companies will no longer be accepted.

After checking with Vietnamese authorities, the ministry discovered that the lard and beef tallow imported by edible oil maker Ting Hsin Oil & Fat Industrial Co. from Vietnam's Dai Hanh Phuc Co. was meant for animal feed and not for human consumption. Although a test report issued by Vinacontrol, a private certification company in Vietnam, stated, however, that the oil was "fit for human use."

Last month, lard imported by Chang Guann Co. from Hong Kong's Globalway Corp. was also found to be designated for use in animal feed, but a test report provided by the exporter said the product could be used to make butter and cooking oil for human consumption.

According to the FDA, Spain is currently the largest source of Taiwan's edible lard imports. In fact, in 2012, Spain exported to Taiwan 1.5 million euros in butter and lard; a year later, that number decreased to 885,000 euros. However, until August 2014, exports added up to 1.1 million, according to ICEX.

In the other hand, Spanish olive oil exports amounted to eight million in 2013, increasing 14.3% on the previous year. In the first eight months of 2014 a total of five million euros of Spanish olive oil have been sold in the Taiwan market.
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