AEMO opens the call for its annual Awards

AEMO opens the call for its annual Awards

09/29/2014 - The Spanish Association of Olive Municipalities (AEMO) has opened a new call to participate in the various competitions which each year recognize the best monumental olive tree, the best mill and the best promotion of the olive culture.
In the case of the IX AEMO Best Monumental Olive Tree in Spain Award, the Association has stressed that contemplating the olive tree in Spain is also considering the history of the people who have built their lives around the olive groves and the result of this close union is the presence of extraordinary olive trees in most of the areas of production.

According to AEMO, many olive trees have stood upon time, showing the world its great vigor and production, and are the result of unique anecdotes and folktales that have been preserved from oblivion.

The size, age, estimated production and its aesthetic, historical or cultural interest are among the criteria set for the evaluation of this Award.

For this competition, applications must be submitted before December 31st.

Best Oil Mill
In addition, the Association has organized the XII National AEMO Competition for Best Oil Mill 2014/15 whose objective is to evaluate not only the final product but the conditions involved in its elaboration.

Therefore, the jury will consider the effort, both in the adequacy of the facilities and its management, of all mills involved.

Specifically, a First Prize, Second Prize and a Special Mention to the Mill Master will be delivered.

For this competition, the deadline for submission of applications will end on December 15th.

Olive Culture
Meanwhile, AEMO also organizes the XIII Award for the Promotion of the Olive Culture, which aims to recognize and appreciate the work on promotion and dissemination of the olive culture stimulating its development.

All those individuals and public or private entities who believe they have made an important work in any aspect related to the promotion and dissemination of the culture of the olive tree may present themselves to this award. In addition, nominations will be accepted by others if they have the author's permission.

Natural, historical and traditional enviroment of the olive grove, communication, education, new technologies, food and other relevant issues for the promotion of the culture of the olive grove will be judged.

The deadline for this competition will be December 31st. Work presented must have a maximum period of two years old since its creation. Experiences that are running nowadays will also be assessed, but not future projects, whose management cannot be checked.

For more information:
Tel: 0034 957 325 313
Fax: 0034 957 325 308
E-mail: secretaria@aemo.es
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