Dynamic Guide on support programmes and incentives in the agrifood businesses

Dynamic Guide on support programmes and incentives in the agrifood businesses

02/05/2014 - The Spanish General Directorate of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises has presented the Dynamic Guide for Grants and Incentives in the agriood businesses, which is organized by Autonomous Communities and productive sectors. Aids that affect national geographic scope are also contemplated.

The term "dynamic" indicates that this Guide, published on the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment's website is continuously updated and contains only information on grants and incentives during its application period.

The methodology for achieving this result is based on the Guide, which is regenerated at the time it is downloaded. Specifically, when the download button is activated, the publication starts a procedure of access to the database of grants and incentives, selecting those that are in time for application.

Then, the result is adapted to a specific design and displayed to the user in PDF format.

This guide includes all aid and incentives for the agrifood businesses, granted and issued by General Administration, Regional Administrations, Local Authorities and other public institutions.


Organization of the Guide

Within each region a list of grants is initially displayed. Then, tabs appear with the detailed information from each one. In this list, by clicking on the title the user will have direct access to the information of the chosen aid or programme. By clicking "back" the user will continue navigating back in the list.

Information sheets is structured in the following fields of information: reference (number that identifies the aid), title (describes the announcement of the aid and the agency that convokes it), sector (economic sector concerned by the aid) and subsector (classified within each sector).

It also includes the geographical area concerned by the aid, the type (mode in which financial aid is implemented), recipients (companies or organizations to which aid is directed), application deadline and references of publication (ratio of the laws governing the aid).

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