The Spanish food industry remains exporter with a turnover of 91.903 million euros in 2013

The Spanish food industry remains exporter with a turnover of 91.903 million euros in 2013

05/30/2014 - The Spanish food and beverage industry turnover in 2013 reached 91.903 million euros in net product sales of this sector, which meant, despite the contraction of the Spanish economy, a nominal growth of 1.9% over the past year, although in real terms there was a fall of 1.1%.

These data are part of the Economic Report of the Spanish Food & Drink Industry Federation (FIAB) for 2013, which was presented yesterday in Madrid by the CEO of the company, Horacio González Alemán, who was accompanied by Fernando Burgaz, Food Industry director, Ministry of Agriculture; Joaquín Maudos, Professor of Economic Analysis, University of Valencia; and Roberto García Torrente, director of Agriculture Business in Cajamar, sponsor of this report written by the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (IVIE).

"One of the pillars that has sustained this trend is the emergence of activity in the foreign market. The evolution has continued to rise in recent years, helping to improve the results of the trade balance since 2011", said Joaquín Maudos.

In this regard, last year exports from the food and beverage industry reached 22.594 million euros in 2013, representing growth of 1.5% over the previous year and a record for the sector.

These figures place Spain in the sixth position of the European Union (EU) in export volume (excedeed, in this order, by Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy and the UK) and the tenth in the world, while its growth trend in exports is the second most prominent of the major European economies, only behind Germany.

According to Horacio González Alemán, CEO of FIAB, "in recent years the internationalization of the food and beverage business is consolidating with an average annual growth of 5% in the number of exporting companies. The export is no longer a pending issue for this sector, which now focuses on internationalization".

Growth in exports has been extended to all kinds of products, highlighting wine, pork and olive oil as the most characteristic of the Spanish food and beverages industry to international markets.

In terms of exports, the report notes that major trading partners correspond to larger European economies, although in recent years emerging markets have become more important, primarily Asia. 18% of sales of food and beverages are heading to France and about 14% in Portugal, followed by Italy (12.4%) and Germany (7 %). Outside Europe, United States, with 4.4 % of exports, followed by China, including Hong Kong (2.5%) and Japan (2%) stand out.

Overview of the sector
The food and beverage industry consists of 28,762 companies, representing 15.8% of all enterprises in the manufacturing industry.

This sector also leads innovation commitments, as the number of firms that committed on research and development grew in 2012 (latest year available) by 1.8% compared to 2011.

However, in the last year investment in innovation of food businesses registered a drop of 14.2%.

Employment evolution
In 2013, particularly in the second half of the year, the food and beverage industry created about 15,000 jobs while the Spanish economy destroyed about 25,000 jobs, 23,000 of which were from the manufacturing industry.

For the annual average, according to the report, the food and beverage industry did not destroy jobs (in fact, it was increased by 49 workers), contrary to what happened in the global economy and industry, where employment fell by 531,000 jobs, of which, 21.5% were in manufacturing.

Thus, the financial report shows that the sector employs an average of 439,760 workers, representing 21.3% of the whole manufacturing industry, slightly higher than 2012.

Consumer Trends
The food and beverage consumption made by Spanish families in 2013 reached 69.225 million euros, which resulted in 30,717,000 kilograms/liters/units purchased, assuming an increase of almost one percentage point from 2012.

According to the report, food and beverages products monopolize 19% of the shopping in Spain, representing an increase of 2.4% over the previous year and the highest rate of recent years.

As for the food expenditure per capita it was of 1,524 euros at home in 2013, 3.8% higher than in 2012.


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