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Yoexportoaceite, international online olive oil selling platform

Yoexportoaceite, international online olive oil selling platform

04/02/2014 - On March 27th, as part of the World Olive Oil Exhibition conference programme, Alfonso Parras Martín, Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Jaén gave a public talk about Yoexportoaceite, international online olive oil selling platform, the project of which he is coauthor next to Víctor Rodríguez Lledó, professor of computer teaching in the same center. Mercacei offers in its series WOOE Conferences exclusive content and conclusions of this talk.

imagenes/wooeyoexportoaceite.jpgYoexportoaceite is nowadays a reference for anyone interested in the international export of olive oil, as noted Professor Martin Parras at the beginning of the talk.

Through this research excellence project, a multidisciplinary group composed of twenty people with remarkable experience in the field of olive oil, most of them from the University of Jaén as well as from the University of Granada (along with technical staff, olive oil companies and other partners) has succeeded in developing an electronic platform that brings together all the economic, business, legal and linguistic information a company needs so that the challenge of exporting olive oil can be confronted with greater assurance of success.

Yoexportoaceite.com aims to own all data in just one site, presenting it in a chronological and systematic way, guiding the small and medium business in the way that they must go ahead to export.

Parras Martín explained that the objectives of this project are mainly to promote the internationalization of the olive sector, given the limited use of new technologies, information and communication of companies involved in production and marketing; as well as the international promotion of oil olive through the development of B2B and B2C portals and virtual processes in Internet stores, which nowadays contribute significantly to the visualization of the product, facilitating its purchase.

For his part, Professor Rodríguez Lledó focused his explanations as a computer technician in the mechanics of Yoexportoaceite.com. Thus, he said that it consists of four main sections: How to export, Commissioning, Promoting the Product and Resources, in which are included, among others, issues such as: requirements to export, basic regulations, financing, trade policy instruments, directory of logistics operators, general conditions of sale, costs, risks, prices, online product promotion, a specialized bilingual dictionary and a Virtual Pilot Shop that can be downloaded free of charge by operators.

It is important to note that Yoexportoaceite, international on-line olive oil selling platform is framed in the field of development of the Excellence Project: “Strengths and Weaknesses in the internationalization of Jaen’s olive sector: the case of small and medium enterprises” (Ref. PI10-AGR-5961) funded by the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Innovation, Science and Enterprise of the and the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (2011 - 2015).

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