The World Olive Oil Exhibition opens new doors for commercialization

The World Olive Oil Exhibition opens new doors for commercialization

03/26/2014 - With a rise of 20% in participation and represented by over 100 mills, the World Olive Oil Exhibition (WOOE) opens its doors to the public today at Ifema Madrid with an expected audience of more than 2,000 trade visitors from 37 countries.

The WOOE, held until tomorrow March 27th, is the largest event dedicated to olive oil that is celebrated in Spain with an international focus, bringing together business and professionals dedicated to this product. Products of over 100 mills from Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura, Galicia and the Balearic Islands will be represented these two days. Its aim is to create a business forum based on different areas like Delicatessen with Olive Oil, where more than 40 companies will participate with a broad representation of cosmetics and gourmet food whose production involves olive oil.

Also, star chef Kike Piñeiro and his team will be in charge of running the show cooking area, creating exquisite and original snacks like Bivalve molluscs with bubbles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Bass Marinated in EVOO or Cow’s Tataki with Extra Virgin Olive Oil emulsion.

The Fair’s director, Santiago Botas, has announced to Mercacei that expectations are high towards the third edition of the WOOE, “a business-oriented meeting dedicated to olive oil and opened to all forms of marketing”.

Botas has highlighted that this event offers companies the opportunity to progress with innovation and internationalization, attracting importers and buyers in major markets worldwide.

In his opinion, Spanish Premium EVOOs are nowadays very well recognised and perceived as products of the “highest” quality, as evidenced by the many international awards received.

Conferences and tastings

The organizers, convinced that debate, reflection and dialogue are the basis of the future development of the sector, have taken well care of this year’s program of conferences and tastings, where once again renowned national and international professionals will participate.

Santiago Botas has stated that the organization wants to provide “huge” attention to this cycle of conferences, to make them as attractive and successful as those in prior editions.

Thus, after the opening, Executive Director of the International Olive Council (IOC), Jean-Louis Barjol, will offer a lecture on “Prospects of trade olive oil with special attention to emerging countries”; while Jesús Sánchez Lladó, Director of the Ecommerce and Parcel Post Unit, will give a speech titled “Your choice is me. Logistics and parcel in the olive oil sector”.

Later, Juan Vilar, President of GEA Westfalia Separator Ibérica, will speak on “Emerging countries in the olive oil sector: an analysis from the perspective of supply and demand”; while General Secretary of Baena PDO, José Manuel Bajo Prados, will address the present and future of this entity. Meanwhile, Abdul Zain Khan, CEO of Oliva International, will give a talk based on “An analysis of Indian Olive Oil Market”.

Finally, Rosa Vañó, Owner of Castillo de Canena Olive Juice and Isabel Cabello, Creative Director from ICStudio will speak about “The importance of design in the olive oil business”.

Today as well, there will be tastings of Extremaduran EVOOs.

Tomorrow morning several lectures are planned, such as “Design and olive: how to adapt the product to emerging markets” by Rosa María Muñoz, Head of International Projects of the Andalusian Design Center of Surgenia; and “Pomace Oil in emerging countries”, by Joaquín López , Head of the National Association of Pomace Oil (ANEO).

“Yoexportoaceite international online platform for the sale of olive oil”, will also take place in the hands of Alfonso Parras, Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Jaén.

The tastings that day will focus on “The versatility of the cornicabra variety” which will heald by the Director of the Montes de Toledo PDO, Enrique García Tenorio; as well as on “Olive varieties in the Valencian Community (Chanclot, Canetera and Alfafarenca)”, by the Expert Miguel Abad.

In addition, the Head of Citoliva’s Tasting Panel and Experimental Kitchen, Mª Paz Aguilera will offer a tasting dedicated to the “Olive oil produced in Jaen”.

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