Mercacei launches the olive oil multiportal platform

Mercacei launches the olive oil multiportal platform

03/20/2014 - Mercacei, belonging to the Spanish publishing group Edimarket Editores, undisputed worldwide reference in its segment with 20 years of experience providing professional service to the olive oil and olive growing sector, launches today www.mercacei.com, a remodeled website with two versions in English and Spanish that offers a wide rigorous range of information regarding the olive oil, table olives and olive growing sector.

With a modern, intuitive and dynamic design, the new site will be more than a website. It will become, in fact, Mercacei’s digital cannel, a true multiportal platform that will allow its users to get in touch directly with a professional audience, offering the most complete and accurate information about the olive oil world.

 All segments will have their own space in the new www.mercacei.com, a project born after a process of radical reflection and renewal both in terms of design and contents, all of which will be accessible from different devices with a specially adapted viewer for an easier navigation on tablets or smartphones as well as applications for Android and IOS. 

The new website excels with its freshness, cleanliness, simplicity and usability, as well as with the incorporation of attractive formats and sections such as The World of EVOO, Prizes, EVOO of the Month or Reports. 

In addition, users of Mercacei Club -reserved only for subscribers of Mercacei Weekly and Mercacei Magazine- will enjoy exclusive contents and personalized services such as: 

  • Prices in origin, updated daily, of the different categories of olive oil, other oils and table olives from Spain, Italy and Greece, the major producers of olive juice in the Mediterranean Basin;
  • Market quotations (supermarkets and commercial warehouses) of all brands in their different categories (extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, pomace olive oli, sunflower oil, seed oils…);
  • Weekly Market Comment, analyzing the changes and development of the olive oil prices segmented by Spanish production areas;
  • Full digital version of Mercacei Magazine exclusively for Club members;
  • The latest production and olive oil stocks data;
  • Figures for foreign trade of all kinds of oils, sorted by months, and historical monthly statistics on production, export, import and consumption;
  • A complete database, constantly updated, with all references to legislation and subsidies for the olive oil sector;
  • Exclusive Customer Service. 

Mercacei Digital Publications

All Mercacei’s printed publications have their own digital version that can be viewed from any computer, smartphone, iPad and Android tablets as well as Amazon, which multiplies exponentially the number of readers and, of course, the internationalization path and prestige of our publications. 

In addition, each digital publication will incorporate the possibility of including videos, links and digital marketing activities in different advertising formats, so that reading becomes a unique experience. 

Also, this new website will include the sending of a newsletter of daily periodicity -with the main news of the day in Spanish and English- that will bring together the most important information of each day in the olive oil and olive growing sector. 

All of this will help to enhance the interactivity and active presence of Mercacei in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, which certainly represent a powerful communication tool to the thousands of active supporters who share with us all the information that we update daily on the network. 

Strong commitment to the sector

If anything has distinguished Mercacei in its two decades of life this is its full dedication and commitment to an industry that generates a turnover of over 2,100 million euros in our country, a substantial employment of 46 million workdays per year, and implies a way of life for more than 400,000 families in 34 provinces. 

In the same line, the new www.mercacei.com arises with a cosmopolitan and inclusive vocation and the ambitious goal of becoming the reference portal for all the olive oil sector, always with objectivity, quality and rigor as informative non-negotiable pillars. 

In these times when the “all free” reigns and it seems that it is the end that justifies the means -however immoral they are - in Mercacei we are clear about that we work for the olive oil sector, providing our readers and clients added value through a delicate and intangible materia with is information. That is what makes us different, and of this we can feel legitimately proud. 

But the informative supply of Mercacei is not limited to physical and digital publications. Since July 2012, GastroRadio.com, the first radio dedicated to gastronomy worldwide, broadcasts, within its program The Magazine, a weekly Mercacei space, a section devoted exclusively to the world of extra virgin olive oil in which the editor of Mercacei, Juan A. Peñamil Alba, interviews the most important protagonists of this sector under the slogan Mercacei Moments, Extra Virgin Moments. A nonprofit collaboration that allows us to spread the magic of EVOOs between a specialized audience full of foodies. So far we have conducted more than 100 interviews with producers of Spanish EVOO.

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