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Spanish consumers stockedpiled olive oil at the threat of the Coronavirus

Spanish consumers stockedpiled olive oil at the threat of the Coronavirus

2020/18/03 - From March 2 to 8, the effect of COVID-19 was noticeable for the second consecutive week in mass-consumer sales, which increased by 8.4% compared to sales in the same period of the previous year, according to Nielsen data, which points out that the growth of olive oil in the last week of February was 5.1%, while in the first week of March it was 0.9%.

"It seems that Spaniards began to supply oil in the first week of crisis and in the second that high volume of purchases has slowed slightly," Nielsen told to Mercacei, assuring that "apart from week 10 It has had very strong growths but somewhat less powerful than in the previous one, the oil is a durable product, with less rotation than others and it is not a food in itself, such as rice or pasta, but is a condiment, a product that helps us cook ”.

According to the consultant's data, the main novelty during the period between March 2 and 8, compared to the previous week, was that, on this occasion, fresh products grew more (9.5%) than food packaged (8%). Specifically, he highlighted the behavior of meat, so it follows that the freezer is already on the scene.

The products with the most notable growths were legumes (+ 31%), rice and pasta (+ 20%), soups and dehydrates (+ 19%), preserves (+ 12%), sugar and sweeteners ( + 11%) and cooking additives (11%).

Nielsen noted that filling the pantry was as important as stocking up on cleaning and personal care products. Clinical thermometers (+ 262%) and hand soap were the most popular (+ 166%), but first-aid kit items (+ 63%), body wipes (+ 49%), and handkerchiefs and tissues (+ 22%)

Also, the consultant has underlined the boom in online purchases between March 2 and 8, compared to the same week the previous year, since sales in this format increased by 39.3%, following in the wake from the previous days when it also grew in double digits.

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