Can olive growers work in the field during the coronavirus situation?

Can olive growers work in the field during the coronavirus situation?

2020/17/03 - After declaring the state of alarm in many countries such as Spain due to the Coronavirus, there have been many doubts arising among farm workers, despite the characteristics of their work. Thus, agricultural organizations have clarified the issues raised by farmers in the current situation.
Specifically, COAG-Jaén has reported that the Sub-delegation of the Government in Jaén has clarified the doubts raised by this organization and which in turn has been raised by the associates.
So, can you go to work in the fields? Yes. Respecting the proper distances on the place where the work is carried out, if working with other people.
Regarding agricultural vehicles, the organization has indicated that it is desirable to go with only one person in the vehicle. If the worker does not have a driving license, they can travel respecting 50% of the capacity. That is, in five-seater vehicles, only two people, one in front and the other behind, respecting the safety distance. In the seven-seater, three people.
In the case of traveling more than one person in the vehicle, safety measures must also be taken, such as covering the mouth with the inside of the elbow when sneezing or coughing, gloves ...
Likewise, as Asaja-Jaén has specified, there is no legal obligation to carry any type of supporting document (safe-conduct) to go to the farm. And it is very important to take extreme personal hygiene (frequent hand washing), work and transport equipment, and the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
With regard to cooperatives, COAG-Jaén has specified that the sections for the sale of plant protection products and oil may be open to the public because they are not considered retail, but wholesale; always with the proper precautions, the maximum possible distance, giving appointments so that the phytosanitaries are removed and people are not concentrated.

In turn, from Asaja-Almería they have stressed that workers must be informed of the obligations to follow and the necessary protocols at work, commuting and rest times to avoid crowds or groups of people. "It is about making small changes in daily activity, but given the exceptional situation, they must be strictly followed," they highlighted.
In turn, Asaja-Córdoba has published a document with the instructions to be taken into account by the agricultural sector in the exercise of its activity in the face of this situation and which can be consulted at this link.
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