The NAOOA collects signatures so that the US Government does not apply tariffs to Olive Oil

The NAOOA collects signatures so that the US Government does not apply tariffs to Olive Oil

2019/08/07 - The North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA), entity that represents the interests of olive oil importing companies in the North American market, has collected signatures and statements from the industry, health professionals, nutritionists and dieticians that has are being used as a basis for subsequent comments sent to the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) opposing tariffs on olive oil.

It is worth remembering that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, threatened last April with the imposition of tariffs on a list of European products, including olive oil, in response to public aid received by the aeronautical company Airbus. In particular, the USTR published a preliminary list of EU products that could be subject to additional duties and that includes foods such as olive oil.

NAOOA will also use this petition to persuade the Congress to help eliminate olive oil from this list.

According to this association, more than 70% of the olive oil consumed in the United States comes from Europe. "Because of the lack of any realistic alternative source of supply, this will destroy the olive oil market, and consequently, have a substantial impact on American care health system", they have recalled.

The NAOOA has detailed that a bottle of Italian, Spanish or Greek extra virgin olive oil that today may cost $15 for a bottle would cost close to $40 if importers' costs double - and this is simply out of the reach of a substantial portion of American consumers. "As for the impact on health care costs, research firm Exponent has concluded that if American's adherence to the Mediterranean diet were to decrease by 20%, it would lead to an increase of nationwide costs of dealing with chronic diseases by nearly $17 billion per year," they have concluded.

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