A new Made in Italy braille label for olive oil

A new Made in Italy braille label for olive oil

2019/13/06 - CREA, the Italian Council for Agricultural Research and Economics has created, in collaboration with the association for the blind of Cosenza, Sisspre s.r.l. and Oli Tucci, a braille label for olive oil.
Thanks to the Braille language and modern technologies, this Italian organization has created a narrative label to allow people with visual disabilities to have free access and easy use of information on the composition and the healthy properties of olive oil.

In this regard, they have stressed that olive oil is composed of several molecules, mainly oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that acts by reducing cholesterol; Vitamin E; squalene, with antiperspirant activity; and phenols that confer antioxidant properties. In general, as they have emphasized, it improves the welfare of the organism itself, since it contributes to the reduction of the disorders related to cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Therefore, CREA has considered that labeling is a fundamental tool for responsible consumption, by providing indispensable information that in the case of extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil also includes the sales denomination and the origin.

In this way, "it is possible to trace the product throughout the entire supply chain, demonstrating its authenticity and origin and opposing counterfeiting. Italian oil is a unique heritage in the world for its quality and biodiversity, which must be accessible to all," the organism has remarked, at the same time that they have indicated that it is a project of social inclusion, equality of opportunities and food education.

"Reading labels is a right and a duty of consumers and everyone must be in the right conditions to do so," said Gabriella Lo Feudo, responsible for this initiative at CREA.

It must be noted that for years, several Spanish companies have presented braille labeling of their EVOOs in order to make the product accessible to all consumers.
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