Have you met the new Oleoturists?

Have you met the new Oleoturists?

2091/12/06 - Researchers from the Laboratory of Analysis and Tourism Innovation (LAInnTUR) of the University of Jaén (UJA) presented at the XXII International Conference on Tourism, University and Business, held in Castellón on May 22 and 23, the first results of the studies they are carrying out to characterize the oleotouristic market, a tourist typology of incipient development during the last years in all the Mediterranean Basin, and especially in Andalusia and the province of Jaén.

Specifically, two studies were presented in this meeting with which these researchers have managed to identify and characterize the two main aspects of any tourism system, in this case, the supply and demand of oleotourism.

The first of the studies, entitled "Collaboration among actors as a key element for the development of oleotourism", shows the importance for the tourism sector of creating links and connections between companies, when starting any activity whose main purpose is the attraction of tourists.

After carrying out an in-depth analysis of 33 olive-growing companies throughout Andalusia (of which 85% are engaged in the production of olive oil), the researchers from the University of Jaén have concluded that there is a certain willingness to collaborate between them and the rest of interested parties in the tourism sector.

However, they do indicate some nuances regarding the collaboration they are willing to carry out, since this is not among their most immediate priorities. And, on the other hand, their willingness to invest economically in collaborative networks is minimal, preferring to collaborate with public entities, non-competing tourism producers and tour operators, without considering the local population, which is currently one of the main actors of the Tourism sector. Finally, surveyed olive oil companies (generally, the most recognized in the field of Andalusian oleotourism) choose to assume the leadership in the collaboration, as long as they go hand in hand with the public sector.

The experience of Oleoturists
The second study, entitled "Analysis of the factors that condition the experience of oleoturists in destination", performs a two-stage cluster analysis to segment the current demand for oil tourism in various groups, depending on their motivations and / or characteristics.

Based on a survey of 609 oleoturists in different oil mills in Andalusia, four groups have been classified. The first of them, called "amateur oleoturists", is characterized by not staying overnight in their trip, they usually make the reservation through the web of the oleoturism company and seeks to know the varieties of EVOO.

The second group, the "experimental oleoturists", stay at least one night and have reserved through their work center, with the main purpose of knowing the varieties of EVOO and, above all, to increase their knowledge for the development of his professional career; while the third group, the "part-time oleoturists", spend at least one night during their trip and have preference hotels, when choosing accommodation. In addition, they are the group with the highest income (more than 1,800 euros per month) and have a great interest in knowing the organoleptic properties of EVOO.

Finally, the four group, called "enthusiastic oleoturists", spend the night in hotels in the same city in which the oil tourism company is located. In addition, they reserve by phone and choose activities that allow them to know the organoleptic properties of EVOO.

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