Today we celebrate World Food Safety Day for the first time

Today we celebrate World Food Safety Day for the first time

2019/07/06 - Today we celebrate the first World Food Security Day, a day with which the United Nations wants to emphasize that food safety and health is a matter for all citizens, since the way in which food is produced and stored, manipulated and consumed affects the safety of food.

Under the slogan "World Day of Food Safety", this international organization encourages the different international actors to establish effective food control regulations, provide access to drinking water, apply good agricultural practices and educate the consumer in the election of healthy food.

On the occasion of this day, the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, stressed that the safety standards of food coming from Spanish and the European Union are among the highest in the world. Thanks to this, consumers all over the world have the guarantee that Spanish food has been produced and processed in a safe manner throughout the entire food chain.

Controls in Spain
The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) coordinates and plans the National Control Plan for the Food Chain and, each year, prepares the annual report with the results of official controls throughout the entire food chain in Spain.

In 2018, a total of 576,736 inspections and official audits of food establishments were carried out in Spain. In addition to these official inspections and audits, 113,501 analyzes were carried out on food products and 177,229 controls on labeling and consumer information on products offered for sale.

Of the tasks of official control, the official inspectors of public health of the Autonomous Communities and the workers of the official laboratories are in charge, that carry out the analytical ones demanded by the alimentary norm.

In total, some 7,000 management professionals in Spain control the food chain in all its phases, from primary production to points of sale to the consumer.

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