OILOX, in search of a new EVOO of superior quality

OILOX, in search of a new EVOO of superior quality

2019/04/06 - The Spanish company Acesur coordinates the OILOX project (extra virgin olive oil as a functional food) which aims to obtain a new EVOO of superior quality with a higher content of the hydroxytyrosol polyphenol and its derivatives, with certification that demonstrates the amount of this antioxidant, its origin and its stability over time.
In this initiative new technologies will be applied during the cultivation of olives, along with the use of drones, developing a remote sensing protocol that allows to determine the ideal moment of collection to achieve the highest quality and the highest content in these polyphenols, as reported by Acesur in their web page.

Also, the best processes in preparation to increase the extraction of polyphenols from the olive will be selected; together with the determination of the adequate conditions for packaging and storage, so that this high concentration of polyphenols and the quality of EVOO is preserved as long as possible.

The design of a new analysis technique that will effectively determine the amount of hydroxytyrosol and derivatives, as well as their origin, demonstrating the absence of fraud due to exogenous additions of these compounds will also be carried out.

To carry out this project, a consortium formed by five entities has been created. In addition to Acesur as coordinator, four SMEs also participate: N. 1941 Santa Teresa S.A.T.; Land & Buildings; Laboratorio Juan Antonio Tello; and Smartrural. This consortium has the support of two subcontracted entities: the Process Analysis and Chemometrics Research Group of the University of La Rioja and the Avanzare Innovación Tecnológica company.

This initiative is funded by the Feder Innterconecta Program and has a total budget of 1.7 million euros. The project, constituted by three milestones, began its journey in September 2018 and will end in December 2020.

On March 11, the finalization meeting of milestone 1 took place in Madrid, where the results obtained in this first period and the steps to be followed for the second period were analyzed.
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