Food Design Fest, a benchmark event between design and innovation in foods such as EVOO

Food Design Fest, a benchmark event between design and innovation in foods such as EVOO

2019/30/05 - Kurtuba Gastro Bar in Córdoba will host on June 14 the first edition of Food Design Fest, an event that claims the value of design as a generator of innovation in products, services and experiences related to foods such as EVOO.
According to its organizers, this event covers different disciplines of food design, from the raw material, the design of food, through education, the preparation and presentation of food, the architecture of spaces, the latest in packaging or creation business around the world of food, where interaction with attendees offers an innovative, contemporary and fun format.

The concept of Food Design emerged in 2002 from the Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (ADI) as a design discipline that focuses on the union between the world of food and the world of design, paying special attention to how both territories complement each other.

In this first edition, EVOO will have its share of prominence with the interventions of the director of AEMO, the Spanish Association of Olive Municipalities, José María Penco, who will talk about extra virgin olive oil; and Isabel Cabello, designer and co-founder of the Cabello x Mure design studio, which will show the latest buying trends and different brands that have positioned themselves with strength and identity in the global market, taking into account the new lifestyles.

Also participating in this meeting are Natalia Cisterna, food designer and co-founder of La Mojigata; Ildefonso Hoyo, food designer and founder of Singular Bread; the architect and humanist José Manuel Picó; the artist, designer and director of FAC, Art Fair at Home, David Heras Verde; the chef Celia Jiménez, the first Andalusian to receive a Michelin Star; Oscar Sáez, designer and creative director of Food Design Fest; the vice-rector of the University of Córdoba and director of the Chair of Gastronomy of Andalusia, Rafael Jordano; the director of Caracol Tours and Catas with Isa, Isa Calvache; José Luis Delgado Guitart, creative, educator and content director of Food Design Fest; and Antonio Barrera, strategic designer and director of Food Design Fest.
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