Arbor Sacris, La Magia dell'Olio and Entre Caminos, winners of the EVOOLEUM Packaging Awards 2019

Arbor Sacris, La Magia dell'Olio and Entre Caminos, winners of the EVOOLEUM Packaging Awards 2019

2019/30/05 - The EVOO from Tarragona Arbor Sacris, from the company Mil&Un Verd, S.L.; La Magia dell'Olio, by Azienda del Carmine (Ancona, Italy); and the Sevillian extra virgin Entre Caminos, from Escalera Álvarez SAT, have been awarded with the Gold Medal in the categories Best Premium EVOO Design, Best Innovative Design and Best Design in Retail in the EVOOLEUM Packaging Awards 2019, organized by Mercacei Publishing Group and the Spanish Association of Olive Municipalities (AEMO), the first contest in the world devoted to recognizing the best packaging designs in which all the juices that have presented their samples to the EVOOLEUM International Awards for the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil participate.
The evaluation process and the final deliberations by the jury -selected specifically for these awards- took place yesterday at the restaurant El Invernadero de los Peñotes, a modern space at Los Peñotes garden center, in La Moraleja (Madrid) .

The evaluation process and the final deliberations were carried out by a prestigious jury selected specifically for these awards and composed by the famous fashion designer Ángel Schlesser; chef Javier Bonet, creator of reference spaces in Madrid as Sala de Despiece; style director and fashion communicator, Ana López de Letona; blogger and journalist Teresa de la Cierva, member of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy; the founding partner and director of the TELVA Cooking School, Sesé San Martín; and the renowned gallerist Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart.

Best Premium EVOO
The EVOOLEUM Packaging Awards are divided into three categories: Best Premium EVOO Design, Best Innovative Design and Best Design in Retail. In the first category, the winner has been the EVOO from Tarragona Arbor Sacris, from Mil&Un Verd, S.L., whose elegant packaging of impeccable design -work of the graphic studio Debonatinta- conquered the jury for its "clean and almost literary set where a very careful typography stands out, with a graphic aspect that refers to the olive grove and the earth, and where the drawing of the trunk combines perfectly with its golden and black and white tones." The Silver Medal was granted ex aequo to Corto, of Corto Olive Co. (California, USA), and to 1490, of the Cordoba company 1490 Fuente de la Rosa, S.C. In the first one, the jury highlighted its "elegance, balance and similarity with a Great Reserve wine, so much that it seems to be made by experienced winemakers," also appreciating that it tells the story of its olive trees inside the box, craving "the perfect gift."

Regarding 1490, its elegant packaging also makes it a perfect gift and as a decorative element, with an attractive dark bottle of porcelain containing gold, created by internationa fashion designer Palomo Spain and inspired by its latest collection. A limited edition of 1490 units -each bottle and each case is numbered- in which the packaging "resembles a Spanish vase, and where the red motifs contrast perfectly with the black of the bottle, resembling a shawl or a bouquet of roses." A design that, in the opinion of the jury, "has the elegance of a bottle of brandy".

Finally, the Bronze Medal in this category has been offered to the pugliese monocultivar Lolio, of Paparella Salvatore and Francesco, srl, whose modern and direct packaging, with a simple and current typographical line, "transmits a direct message about EVOO and its Mediterranean roots," while the box -which seems recycled- "brings you closer and connects with the earth."

Best Innovative EVOO
In the category Best Innovative Design, the Gold Medal was for La Magia dell'Olio, by Azienda del Carmine (Ancona, Italy), designed for restoration and, in the opinion of the jury, is "the most innovative format seen to date, turning it into a modern and appetizing product," while "inviting you to choose and try a large selection of flavors in a single case. A very funny gift that invites diners to play."

The organic extra virgin olive oil of early harvest Cuac, from the company Verdejear, S.L. (Jaen), won the Silver Medal thanks to its fun design -created by Cabello x Mure- "that responds to a modern idea, charming and with a delirious twist, identifying it with the classic rubber duck. For the jury, "it is an impeccable design where everything is thought out: the gummed finish, the peak, the typography... Without any doubt, it is an original gift that leaves no one indifferent."

Tuccioliva Gran Selección, from the cooperative of Martos (Jaén) San Amador, SCA, obtained the Bronze Medal with a design that "gives prominence to the product through a very innovative and ergonomic shape that resembles a heart, or a saddle, something earthly." The jury also stressed "the elegance of its box, which incorporates the mirror, designed to show off."

Best Design in Retail
Finally, in the category Best Design in Retail, the winner was the organic EVOO Entre Caminos, by Escalera Álvarez S.A.T. (Sevilla) -also designed by Cabello x Mure-, "for its elegant way of remembering that what you are about to try is an extraordinary EVOO," according to the jury. An extra virgin that "decorates and also serves as a gift, presented in a comfortable and ergonomic bottle whose cap offers an artisan touch."

The Silver Medal traveled to the Italian town of Perugia, capital of the Umbria region. The design of Il Casolare Riserva, by Farchioni Olii, S.p.A., was defined by the jury as "vintage, popular and familiar, with a very useful reusable container to have at home that aldo refers to the old bottles of milk or soda from our childhood."

Finally, Portus, from Aceites Fuencubierta, S.L. (Córdoba), won the Bronze Medal thanks to a "perfect format for retail where the blue sheets of the label on a white background bring a touch of elegance, while the base of the bottle offers a great stability."

Like the EVOOLEUM TOP100, which brings together the 100 best extra virgin olive oils in the world, all the EVOOs awarded at the EVOOLEUM Packaging Awards will be included in the 2020 edition of the EVOOLEUM World's Guide TOP100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils -published in Spanish and English on paper and through its own app- with a complete descriptive and informative sheet of each of the awarded juices accompanied by an image of the packaging.
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