Exclusive Interview with Sting, the King of pop-rock and an EVOO Fan

Exclusive Interview with Sting, the King of pop-rock and an EVOO Fan

2019/16/05 - Considered as one of the world’s most important artists, the British singer Sting -10 Grammys, 2 Brit Awards, 1 Golden Globe Award, 1 Emmy, 3 Oscar nominations...- requires little introducing. However, few are aware that he swapped the ruckus of the stage, two decades ago, for the quietude of the Tuscan Mediterranean. Here he acquired the beautiful Il Palagio villa, and moved there with his wife Trudie Styler and their six children, to be able to combine his two passions, music and gastronomy. At present they produce wine, honey and olive oil. Who would have imagined almost four decades ago, when as lead singer of Police he first sang his famous Message in a Bottle, that he would be living surrounded by bottles... of EVOO! We are welcomed by our hosts, Sting and Trudie, to their Tuscan paradise.

Your wife Trudie, and yourself, have turned an abandoned farm in the middle of Tuscany into a marvelous villa, which at present produces olive oil, organic wine and honey. How did this idea come about? What drew your attention to the Mediterranean style of living?

Sting: One of our children was born in Tuscany, when we were spending some months there in a rented villa. We had enough time to settle in and begin to feel at home there. Doubtlessly, this was the beginning of our connection with the region. Trudie and I started a search that lasted 7 years, before finding a home for ourselves in Italy. We were gratifyingly surprised when we discovered Il Palagio. It gives off something marvelously restoring and tranquilizing, and is a very special place for us and for our family.

Il Palagio already had its own vines and a long history of wine production, going back to the early1500s. When we began to rehabilitate the property, we realized how fantastic it would be if we could continue with that legacy and, acordingly, we committed ourselves to the revitalization of the vineyards and olive groves.

You were both born in England, a country that doesn’t stand out for its knowledge of olive oil, but you spend long spells of time in your villa in Tuscany, a region where extremely great extra virgins are produced, like yours Il Palagio. Have you any memory of when you tried olive oil for the first time?

Trudie: I remember that, when we were children, in England, olive oil used to be used only for dressing salads. Today, luckily, its use is much more common. Sting and I always looked for and enjoyed organic extra virgin olive oil in the United Kingdom and when, finally, we were able to produce our Il Palagio, it made us tremendously happy. It’s a pleasure to share the organic extra virgin from our farm with the rest of the world. In fact, our coupage (blend) of Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino has been awarded many prizes for quality. Its purely herbaceous flavor, scent and color, and its final robust, spicy note, makes it a really potent and delicious juice.

Sting, you have actually said that picking olives is therapeutic... What does the olive tree mean to you, a tree that is so symbolic and eternal in the history of mankind? Sting: It’s a marvelous tree. The olive tree transmits peace and tranquility to me.

If you are going to have dinner at a friend’s house, do you take them a bottle of oil or, in this case, do you recur to the classic bottle of wine?

Sting: It depends on the occasion, and on what Trudie and I think our hosts will enjoy most, but we would probably opt for our Il Palagio EVOO. Sometimes we also take one of the Tenuta Il Palagio wines, our star product Sister Moon, or perhaps even our vintage brew, Message in a Bottle.

You have claimed, in fact, that good food is directly related to good music (“if I don’t eat well, I don’t sing well”)... Does eating better make us better people? What is your favorite meal?

Sting: I don’t know if eating better makes us better people, but what I am convinced of is that to enjoy a good wine and a good meal with others, as well as to create music and to sing, are the best ways of sharing our experiences.

Some years ago you decided to take refuge in this corner of Italy. What pleasures does this life offer you, when compared to a life of record companies and macro concerts?

Sting: As I said before, Il Palagio has its own atmosphere, that is both pleasant, and restoring, very appropriate for meditation and creativity. It’s a very inspiring place. Trudie and I realized that the Tuscan countryside nourished our contemplative spirit. Here we have found poetry in the calmness of the woods, and we feel inspired when we swim in the lake, or simply go for a walk.

Could we say then, that the yoga-meditation-Mediterranean cuisine trinomial is the secret of eternal youth?

Trudie: It has certainly been useful for both Sting and me! We firmly believe that yoga is an extraordinarily elegant way of leading your life, and sets us onto a natural path to good health, and good nourishment of the body... and the soul.

You make up a great tandem, exemplifying that in the end, all that is important is found in the family. In a fragile world like ours, what legacy would you like to leave your grandchildren?

Sting: We would like to leave our grandchildren a world better than the one we found. A place where respect for our differences and for the wellbeing of all, should be basic pillars for everyone.

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