EVOO School Italia, a new educational centre to spread knowledge about extra virgin olive oil

EVOO School Italia, a new educational centre to spread knowledge about extra virgin olive oil

2019/08/05 - Fiera di Milano hosted yesterday the presentation of EVOO School Italia, a new school based in Rome promoted by Unaprol, Coldiretti and Campagna Amica, whose objective will be to spread knowledge about extra virgin olive oil, train professionals, support development of the exploitations dedicated to the cultivation of the olive tree and to promote the dialogue within the institutions of this sector.
According to Unaprol, it is a new center of reference for all operators in the olive oil sector, which generates a turnover of more than 3,000 million euros and involves around 400,000 specialized Italian companies.

The teachers of this school will be professional tasters, agronomists, technicians and experts in the olive sector, chosen on the basis of their experience in the field of training and communication. Also, among its addressees are agricultural entrepreneurs, consumers, buyers, restaurateurs, oil mills, EVOO lovers and bloggers.

The educational offer will be divided into a theoretical and a sensory part, through tastings, meetings and tastings, and is designed to offer a highly specialized training for those who work in the production, distribution and promotion of quality olive oil.

In turn, the school will carry out basic and technical courses (with certification of suitability and certification for the national list of tasters), informative seminars and professional courses where all the relevant topics for the sector will be deeply studied: feeding styles and consumption, positive and negative attributes of oil, cultivation, commercialization, biodiversity, nutrition and gastronomic uses.

The experiential and sensorial part will be developed thanks to a special laboratory and a tasting room, which complies with the guidelines of the International Olive Council (IOC) for organoleptic evaluations. Meetings will also be planned with protagonists of the world of quality extra virgin olive oil.

"The knowledge about the characteristics of an extra virgin olive oil is a fundamental tool for a real and conscious freedom of choice in the purchase, especially in a country like Italy that can count on a record of quality and safety of first class", said Ettore Prandini, president of Coldiretti.

For his part, the president of Unaprol, David Granieri, stressed that the school "will not only be a place of training, but a meeting point, dialogue and growth for the operators of the chain, with the aim of improving the quality and distinctive character, spread the EVOO culture, encourage conscious consumption and develop issues and problems with a view to achieving an active and proactive debate with the institutions".
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