Sicily hosts the Second World Conference on Mediterranean Diet

Sicily hosts the Second World Conference on Mediterranean Diet

2019/07/05 - Palermo (Sicily) will host, between May 15 and 17, the Second World Conference for the Revitalization of the Mediterranean Diet entitled "Strategies towards more sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean region. The Mediterranean Diet as a bridge to boost consumption and food production in a sustainable and healthy way".
Under the auspices of the Sicilian region, the city of Palermo, the International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (Ciheam), the Union for the Mediterranean, the International Foundation of the Mediterranean Diet (IFMeD), the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Federation of Nutrition Societies, this conference will provide an open forum for discussion on the most appropriate conceptual frameworks and methodological approaches to improve the sustainability of consumption and food production in Mediterranean countries, using the Mediterranean Diet as a sustainable and healthy lever for the human and environmental well-being of the present and future generations.

The various thematic sessions that will take place in this event will address, among many other topics, solutions against the impact of water scarcity, land degradation and climate change in Mediterranean food systems; agriculture, agroecology and the sustainable development of food value chains in the Mediterranean region; and the diversity of Mediterranean food cultures and culinary systems as an engine for the revitalization of the Mediterranean Diet.

It will also analyze the evolution of the Mediterranean Diet in the XXI century as a sustainable diet for the well-being of present and future generations; the different case studies of sustainable diet: Japanese diet, new Nordic diet and Mediterranean Diet; and the adoption of a sustainable and contemporary Mediterranean lifestyle through consumer education.
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