Spain leads Japanese imports of olive oil and reaches a share of 58.8%

Spain leads Japanese imports of olive oil and reaches a share of 58.8%

2019/26/03 - In the last campaign 2017/18, 94% of Japanese imports of olive oil came from the countries inside the European Union (EU), with Spain at the head, with 58.8% of share, followed by Italy, with 33.3%. The remaining 7.3% came from Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Tunisia, according to data published by the International Olive Council (IOC).
Regarding volumes by product categories, 72.0% of total imports corresponded to virgin olive oils, 25% to olive oils and 3% to olive-pomace oils.

Japan accounts for around 7% of world imports of olive oil, ranking fourth behind the United States, with 36%; the EU, with 15%; and Brazil, with 8%. Among the four, they represent around 66% of world imports.

Also, the data of the IOC highlights that imports of olive oil and pomace olive oil in Japan increased by 0.5% during the last campaign.

The olive oil market in Japan has maintained a strong growth during the period between 2006/07 and 2014/15, when it reached a maximum of 62,000 tons. However, in the 2015/16 campaign it registered a fall of 8.5% compared to the 2014/15 season. Subsequently, imports from Japan remained stable.

Finally, during the first three months of the current campaign (2018/19) imports of olive oil increased by 18% compared to the same period of the previous season.
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