Moderate consumption of olive oil can help reduce weight

Moderate consumption of olive oil can help reduce weight

2019/25/03 - A new Nutrimedia evaluation concludes that olive oil is the best option, among all fats and oils, to include in a low-calorie diet. According to this analysis, olive oil can reduce weight, although the observed effect is small and may not be clinically relevant.
Nutrimedia is a project of the Observatory of Scientific Communication (OCC) of the Communication Department of Pompeu Fabra University, carried out in collaboration with the Ibero-American Cochrane Center and the support of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (Fecyt), which analyzes scientifically the degree of certainty of messages about food and health while helping to interpret the results of each research.

"The scientific evidence analyzed shows that it is likely that the consumption of olive oil, in comparison with the consumption of other oils or fats, reduces weight," says Darío López Gallegos, author of the evaluation report and physician of the Department of Health Care. Primary Costa de Ponent of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

The evaluation has mainly taken into account a systematic review of 11 clinical trials published in 2018. These trials compared the effect on weight of diets with olive oil or extra virgin olive oil against other diets that included other types of fat , such as palm, corn, soybean and canola oils, among others.

Some of these studies presented several methodological limitations, so the certainty of their results can not be considered high (as in principle it is in clinical trials) but moderate. This leads to the conclusion that olive oil probably reduces weight, but it could be that new trials offered somewhat different results, according to Nutrimedia.

"Only in 5 of the 11 studies analyzed, participants were exposed to a diet of extra virgin olive oil, assuming that refined oils might not have all the properties of extra virgin oil and, therefore, their effects could be different" , remarks the researcher, who adds that "most of the trials had a follow-up of less than a year, so there is a lack of data to clarify if this effect on weight could be maintained over time".

These trials also showed a beneficial effect of olive oil on the abdominal perimeter and the body mass index, but "the degree of certainty of these results is, respectively, low and very low, so the uncertainty is greater", they have precised.

On the other hand, Abel Mariné, professor emeritus of nutrition and bromatology at the University of Barcelona, ​​said in a recent interview for the section "Eat with science" from Nutrimedia that "in food it is very important that oils predominate over fats solid ", and stresses that" olive oil is the basic fat of the Mediterranean Diet ", besides being the best option for reasons of health and sustainability.
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