Olive oil becomes present in Norwegian homes and restaurants

Olive oil becomes present in Norwegian homes and restaurants

2019/12/03 - Olive oil, like other typical foods of the Mediterranean Diet, is gaining ground and making its way into Norwegian homes and restaurants, according to a study by ICEX Spain Export and Investment.
In addition, the growing concern, especially in certain population sectors, to improve their own health through healthier diets makes them look for alternatives in the international food market.

In particular, olive oil is used mainly in the preparation of typical dishes from other countries and in salad dressings. However, butter is used for cooking in the preparation of dishes, and in the latter field it competes with prepared sauces, the use of which is currently much more widespread among Norwegian consumers.

Since it is not a country that typically produces olive oil, Norway must satisfy the demand (especially that of knowledgeable and quality-seeking customers) with imports from countries where it is traditionally produced, such as Spain.

Thus, Spain is in the first position among the main exporters of olive oil to the Scandinavian country (2,657 tons in 2018 for a value of 10.9 million euros), followed by Italy, Greece or Turkey.

The study indicates that the facilities currently available to carry out export / import operations of products, whether food or not, allows that together with international and state legislation, benefits commercial opportunities. In this sense, although Norway does not belong to the European Union, it does have the benefits of belonging to the European Economic Area and the Schengen Agreement (on the free movement of citizens among the countries that are part of it).

Regarding distribution channels, food products follow two different distribution channels: through wholesalers / distributors and retailers. In the specific case of Norway, it is characterized by concentration in the wholesale / distributor sector, with four large business groups dominating the sector.

Regarding trends, according to the report, the most noteworthy in the food sector in Norway and therefore applicable to the olive oil sector are organic products, suitable for allergies and / or intolerances, healthy or dietary, proximity or sustainable and fair trade.
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