The Spanish Government promotes national gastronomy through the EVOO

The Spanish Government promotes national gastronomy through the EVOO

2019/27/02 - A trip through the Flavors of Spain will take to the Palace of Moncloa the cuisine of the Autonomous Communities from Spain through its most important chefs, so that leaders and international personalities can get to know the regional Spanish food. The chef María José San Román, awarded with a Michelin star and two Repsol suns, will be in charge of the first menu.

The Spanish Government has launched a project aimed at enhancing the value of the Spanish gastronomy of the Autonomous Communities in state meals with international leaders organized by the Spanish President, which are usually held on two or three occasions per year.

The first of these menus will be prepared for the official lunch offered to the President of the Republic of Peru during his State visit to Spain tomorrow, Thursday, February 28. On this occasion, the eastern cuisine (Valencian Community) will be performed by the chef from Alicante María José San Román, who will prepare a menu based on products from the area and typical of Mediterranean cuisine such as extra virgin olive oil, saffron, rice, fish and seafood, paired with wines from the Protected Designation of Origin Wines from Alicante.

This experience will allow showing foreign visitors the different cuisines and also promote the work of chefs that make up this Spanish cuisine. An initiative that starts from "the sensitivity of the President of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, regarding the importance and relevance of Spanish gastronomy in the world, as an important part of the Spanish Cultural Heritage", highlighted the statement.

The chef and restaurateur María José San Román, awarded with a Michelin star and two Repsol suns, is known for the study of emblematic Spanish ingredients and for her interesting interpretations of Spanish cuisine in her restaurants and in her craft bakery in Alicante.

EVOO, the guiding thread
The Spanish Government has stressed that this international ambassador of Spanish cuisine is recognized as the highest authority on the topic of culinary ingredients unique to her country, which include saffron, extra virgin olive oil, rice and flour.

After researching on Spanish food, she has promoted worldwide agricultural products of great importance to Spain, such as extra virgin olive oil, saffron and rice. She works in the pairing between foods and different varieties of EVOO to create dishes, from the appetizer to the dessert, in which the extra virgin is an essential element of each of them.

In particular, María José San Román has conceived a balanced menu, which plays with flavors and disposes diners to perceive the nuances of the Mediterranean. The aperitif starts with three monovarietal EVOOs: Arbequina, Picual and Hojiblanca, which will be harmonized with artisan breads. Then a few entertainments from Alicante, with the intense flavor of mullet roe and marcona almond, followed by Iberian sartar and smoked aubergine tartar.

The principal dish is made up of Santa Pola crayfish with a potato cannelloni, in clear nod to the Peruvian potatoes, which will give way to rice, the central dish of the culinary universe of Spanish Mediterranean cuisine. In this case, syrupy, almost intentionally dry for which a variety of bomba rice has been selected, polished at 65%, an optimum point that they offer in the mill at her request. This favors its mission to be a mere conductor of flavor and enhance the intensity of tuna, tinged with saffron.

Finally, the dessert follows the theme of the lunch, based on extra virgin olive oil, with a delicate Hojiblanca ice cream, accompanied by honey with pollen and sighs from Alicante, almond nougat also from Alicante and Jijona.

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