The 'World's Best Olive Oils' Ranking publishes its rules and guidelines for the 2018/19 edition

The "World's Best Olive Oils" Ranking publishes its rules and guidelines for the 2018/19 edition

2019/26/02 - After completely modifying the rules for the individual competitions in its previous edition, as well as tightening the criteria to guarantee maximum rigor and authenticity, the prestigious "World's Best Olive Oils" Ranking (WBOO) has published the rules and guidelines of the contests included in the 2018/19 edition. The EVOOLEUM Awards -whose term for the reception of samples concludes in two days- consolidates as the most important private contest in the world.

Created in 2012 by the German expert taster Heiko Schmidt from the results of the main international competitions of extra virgin olive oil in both hemispheres, and taking as reference the Mario Solinas Prize of the International Olive Council (IOC), the new edition of the ranking hardly presents new changes compared to the previous year, except for the reinstatement of Expoliva -the International Fair of Olive Oil and Related Industries, of biannual character- and the promotion of ArgOliva to the group of competitions that are awarded with 30 points.

In the case of Expoliva, which will celebrate its 19th edition in May, returns to the ranking with the maximum score, 40 points for the winners, given that, in addition to meeting all the minimum requirements of the ranking (20 points), the Andalusian contest gets another 20 extra points because of meeting the additional requirements established last year and based on the rules of the Mario Solinas Award, relating to the collection of samples and documentation of the process by a notary or equivalent entity (10 points) and to the presentation of a sample by producer or business group and by category (10 points).

As for ArgOliva, the International Olive Oil Contest-Premio Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, which will celebrate its ninth edition between September 4 and 7, it has been promoted to the group of 30-point contests -to which EVOOLEUM, Leone d'Oro, SIAL Olive d'Or and SOL d'Oro belong- "for adapting its standards to one of the extra requirements of the ranking, specifically, accepting only one sample per producer or group of producers and by category", explains Schmidt.

More demanding regulation
It is worth noting that if before they were granted between 1 and 4 extra points to meet certain criteria established in the rules of the Mario Solinas Quality Award (MSQA), since the 2017/18 campaign the organization of the ranking requests a series of minimum criteria to the contests -based also on the guidelines of the MSQA- to be able to continue being part of it; some criteria that fail to provide extra points and become mandatory.

According to Schmidt, the most important criterion for a contest to be recognized as one of the strictest in the world is the guarantee of authenticity of the samples sent to it. "The only way to guarantee 100% the authenticity is for the samples being collected by a notary or equivalent figure; that's why we decided to award 10 extra points to the contests that meet this criterion, Mario Solinas itself, the Ovibeja contest in Portugal and the Expoliva contest in Jaén. In this sense, the minimum requirement is to request all participants a self-certification that demonstrates the authenticity of the samples delivered," he says.

Another important criterion -which also contributes to increasing the opportunities of small producers compared to the large groups of the sector- is that of admitting only one sample per producer/group of companies in each of the categories of the contest, limited to the four fruity parameters (mature, light green, medium green and intense green), conventional/organic production, national/international and monovarietal/coupage. The application of this criterion allows the contest to obtain another 10 extra points.

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