The EVOOLEUM Guide and Competition, protagonists of the largest communication campaign in the history of the olive sector

The EVOOLEUM Guide and Competition, protagonists of the largest communication campaign in the history of the olive sector

2019/29/01 - Appearances in more than a hundred national and international media -written and online, as well as radio stations-, with a value or advertising impact of around 478,000 euros, 84 million views and more than eight million of listeners. These are some of the spectacular numbers achieved by the communication campaign of the EVOOLEUM 2019 Guide promoted by Mercacei Publishing Group and carried out by the agency Aires News Comunicación -the largest in the history in terms of an editorial product of the olive sector- between November 2018 and January 2019. Never has a publication related to extra virgin olive oil reached such figures.

The 100 best EVOOs in the world -just as Juan A. Peñamil, CEO of Grupo Editorial Mercacei, highlighted in the Award Ceremony of the EVOOLEUM Best of Class Awards 2018 last Monday- have filled in pages, websites and radio hours from the beginning of November 2018 until the end of January 2019. Monini, Oro Bailén, Rincón de la Subbética, LivesOlives, Venta del Barón... are now better known brands of extra virgin olive oils by thousands and thousands of readers and listeners, and it will be taken into account by the consumer when choosing a good olive juice.

But the benefits of this campaign go much further. In fact, two of the producers who have managed to place their EVOO in the exclusive TOP10 of the latest edition of EVOOLEUM Awards -the fourth is already underway and is in the middle of receiving samples- confessed during the awards ceremony held last Monday 21 in Madrid (Kitchen Club) that they have already sold all the production this year after the recent publication of two articles that reviewed the Guide -illustrated by the photographs of the EVOOs of the TOP10- in the economic journals Expansión and Cinco Días.

The great communication campaign in general, gastronomic, trends and lifestyle media undertaken by Mercacei Publishing Group -and executed by the agency Aires News Comunicación- in these two months, responded to a double purpose, explains Juan A. Peñamil: "To promote the Contest and the EVOOLEUM Guide as two leading products worldwide- in just three editions EVOOLEUM Awards has been recognized as the most important private contest in the world-; and to value the praiseworthy effort and work of producers around the world for the sake of excellence to produce extra virgins of enormous quality. In addition, of course, to generate extra virgin culture in the consumer, with special emphasis on understanding that it is the healthiest and most gastronomic vegetable fat on the planet."

A goal that has been fulfilled. Among the written and digital media -both generalist and gastronomic- that have echoed the launch of the EVOOLEUM 2019 Guide, include, among others, ElPais.com (approximately 21,000,000 views); ElMundo.es (12,446,000 views) or Expansion.com (6,122,000 views). It should be noted that in these are the most prestigious and relevant media in Spain, in which the EVOOLEUM Guide occupied a privileged place on the cover of its digital editions for 24 hours.

In addition, other media that published news about EVOOLEUM were ElConfidencial.com (around 7,360,800 views); ElEconomista.es (approximately 4.916.741 visualizations); As.com (3,651,854 views); PeriodistaDigital.com (blog El Buen Vivir, 2,152,276 views); El País (Buena Vida supplement, 1,500,000 visualizations); El Mundo (Off-Series supplement, 815,000 views); La Luna de Metrópoli (927,000 views); Traveler.es (1,341,590 views); LaVanguardia.com (895,000 views); LaRazon.es (613,000 views); Yo Dona (282,000 views); Esquire.com (263,704 views); Tapasmagazine.es (50,490 visualizations), Cinco Días (paper and digital versions, with around 38,300 and 347,000 visualizations, respectively); Expansion (Off-Series supplement, 121,000 views); De Viajes (84,000 views); or Arte de Vivir (65,000 views). In total, the advertising impact achieved in the press and online media is estimated at € 277,000, with a total of 84,076,222 views.

As for the audiovisual media, the Competition and the EVOOLEUM Guide (and therefore, extra virgin olive oil) have occupied radio hours -with live interviews with Juan A. Peñamil, sometimes accompanied by tastings on radio stations such as Radio Exterior de España (program En Clave Turismo, with a total audience estimated at 7,000,000 listeners), Radio Nacional de España (program Las Mañanas de RNE, with 959,000 listeners), Cadena Cope (program Oído Cocina, with around 300,000 listeners), Radio 5 (program Un laboratorio en mi Cocina, with 60,000 listeners), Radio Intereconomía (Comer a ciegas program, with some 42,000 listeners), Gestiona Radio (Quédate program, 26,000 listeners) or Capital Radio (program Mesa y Descanso, 23,000 listeners). The total advertising impact of these radio appearances amounts to € 201,000, with an estimated audience of almost eight and a half million listeners (8,410,000).
In view of these data, the CEO of Mercacei Publishing Group states that "we are very proud to have been pioneers in developing a communication campaign of this magnitude that had never been undertaken in the extra virgin olive oil sector, which has had a great impact and has reported a brutal return in terms of brand notoriety: thanks to it, EVOOLEUM is today an internationally recognized brand". Likewise, Peñamil highlights the quality of the media in which the EVOOLEUM Guide has appeared, "since the majority goes directly to the segments or targets that we were looking for with this campaign, that is, chefs, consumers and gastronomy lovers (foodies)."
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