Evoluzione, an event for the promotion and valorization of high-quality EVOO

Evoluzione, an event for the promotion and valorization of high-quality EVOO

2019/10/01 - The Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa in Rome will host on January 14th the second edition of Evoluzione, an event organized by La Pecora Nera Editore and Oleonauta dedicated to the promotion and valorization of high-quality extra virgin olive oil.
This event was designed to raise awareness and train operators in the catering and gastronomy sector about the use of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, drawing new paths to unite producers, restaurateurs, consumers and, above all, chefs who choose and use EVOO in their kitchens.

To achieve these objectives, the organizers have thought of an exclusively b2b nature for the event reserved for food operators (restaurateurs, store owners, chefs...), press (journalists, bloggers, etc.) and olive oil tasters.

Participants will have free access to the tasting tables of the 44 companies that will participate, and will be able to meet the producers and taste their olive oils.

The meeting will also include the "Dialoghi dell'Olio" and five seminars by experts such as Indra Galbo, Maurizio Servili, Matia Barciulli, Antonio Giuseppe Lauro, Barbara Alfei and Giulio Scatolini.

According to its organizers, "Evoluzione is a unique opportunity for one of the essential ingredients of the Mediterranean culture that embodies the perfect balance between tradition and innovation: care for the heritage of Italian olive oil creates and maintains beauty, memory and biodiversity, while modern extraction technologies combined with experience and knowledge make it possible to explore the increasingly fascinating sensory and nutraceutical virtues of extra virgin olive oil."

The event will end with a conference whose main theme will be the promotion of quality extra virgin olive oil in restaurants. Participants include Nerina Di Nunzio, who will speak about her multidisciplinary and creative experiences on food, in an open dialogue with Maurizio Pescari and Alberto Grimelli. Livia Leoni, from the Degli Studi University of Rome; Matteo Zappile, from the Associazione Noi di Sala; and Marta Cotarella, from Intrecci-Alta Formazione di Sala will complete the programme.

"The second edition of Evoluzione begins with a very complicated harvest, marked by heavy frosts at the end of winter and other difficult weather conditions in mid-autumn that have affected production. In this general climate of uncertainty, we were able to select the companies that like us, believe in the unique and distinctive resources of extra virgin olive oil from Italy, which translates into biodiversity, technological innovation, the environment, culture and landscape," stressed Simona Cognoli, from Oleonauta.

Cognoli pointed out that with this event they want to "emphasize, above all, aspects related to communication and the promotion of extra virgin olive oil in restaurants", in order to provide ideas and creative proposals.
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