Bye bye 2018: The 20 most read news of the year

Bye bye 2018: The 20 most read news of the year

2018/28/12 - We say goodbye to 2018, a year of projects, research, news, curiosities, innovations... that have been translated into information of great interest for our sector. Do you want to remember the 20 most read news throughout these twelve months?

1. The first case of Xylella fastidiosa in an olive tree was detected in Madrid
The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has confirmed the first case of Xylella fastidiosa in an olive tree located in a private estate in Villarejo de Salvanés, before which the Community of Madrid has activated an action plan.

2. 2018, "annus terribilis" for the Italian olive sector
The president of the Italian Association of Olive Oil Producers (Assitol), Anna Cane, has highlighted that if 2014 was named "Annus Horribilis" (horrible year) for the production of Italian olive oil, 2018 runs the risk of being considered "Annus Terribilis" (terrible year) for the entire olive sector, according to the first campaign estimates, which reveal that the national production will not exceed 200,000 tons.

3. EVOOLEUM AWARDS 2018: And the winner is ...
... Monini Monocultivar Coratina, by Monini, S.p.A. The best extra virgin olive oil in the world in 2018, according to the jury of the International Awards for the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil EVOOLEUM Awards, is again Italian. The organization of the contest promoted by Mercacei and AEMO has presented the expected EVOOLEUM TOP100 in the framework of the VII edition of the World Olive Oil Exhibition (WOOE), which was held yesterday and today in Pavilion 2 of IFEMA in Madrid.

4. Pierluigi Tosato, CEO of Deoleo: "In Spain we have a very serious quality problem this year"
The CEO of Deoleo analyzed at a press breakfast the evolution and results of the company in 2017 and the outlook for 2018, while assessing various current issues around the olive oil sector. Tosato never disappoints.

5. About the prices of olive oil: opportunities and threats
On the occasion of the celebration of the VII edition of the World Olive Oil Exhibition (WOOE), the World Meeting of Olive Oil, IFEMA Fair Club hosted on Thursday, March 1, an interesting working breakfast in which representatives and industry experts debated various issues of raging news. The first question raised referred to one of the major concerns of the sector, prices. Specifically, and taking into account variables such as the evolution of supply and demand, or the increase in the area devoted to the cultivation of olive trees worldwide, we wanted to know how they all influence the configuration of prices and what the trend may be in the short and long term.

6. Forecasts of the 2018/19 olive oil campaign: how will it develop in the main producing countries?
After knowing the estimates of the International Olive Council (IOC), from Mercacei we announce the first forecasts for the 2018/19 olive oil campaign in the main producing countries, hand in hand with consultants and international experts in the olive oil sector.

7. Knolive Oils and Almazaras de la Subbética, S.L., great winners in the 2017/18 edition of "World's Best Olive Oils"
Knolive Epicure, from Knolive Oils, S.L., based in Priego de Córdoba, has been proclaimed the best EVOO in the world in the 2017/18 campaign, according to the results of the "The World's Best Olive Oils" ranking, the most prestigious, rigorous and objective of the world. On the other hand, Almazaras de la Subbética, S.L. has revalidated its triumph in the categories of World's Best Organic Olive Oils, World's Best Olive Oil Mills and World's Best Organic Olive Oil Mills.

8. Where are the 10 largest olive groves on the planet located?
A clue: they are not in Spain. A report of international scope, elaborated by Juan Vilar Strategic Consultants for the Guinness Book of Records, concludes that none of the ten largest olive groves -under a single border- are located in Spain, the largest producing country in the world.

9. Antonio Luque: "We have many people behind who insist on adding a little oil to see if the bike grips, but we keep pedaling"
Antonio Luque was one of the great protagonists of the XII Meeting of Responsible and Master Millers of GEA Group held last week in Úbeda (Jaén). The President of Dcoop, the largest olive oil Cooperative Group in the world, was interviewed by Mercacei, and his answers are worth reading. Luque didn't bite his tongue and cleared some of the issues that have placed his Group in the forefront of the news of the sector in recent weeks.

10. World consumption of olive oil increased by 49% in 25 years
A report by Coldiretti presented at Cibus 2018 confirms the record growth of global olive oil consumption in the world that, in a single generation -25 years-, has increased by almost 49%. For the organization, the food pattern of the citizens of many countries is changing towards the Mediterranean Diet since it was declared a World Heritage Property by UNESCO.

11. The Quality Olive Oil Sector united in defense of the Sensory Tasting Panel
The Provincial Council of Jaen has hosted this morning a major signature of a manifesto in defense of the Sensory Tasting Panel as an indispensable control method of virgin oil. This call arises in response to the meeting held by Asoliva and Anierac in which they expressed the legal uncertainty of this method. Associations, Groups, producers and Public and Private entities of the Spanish olive oil sector show their unanimous support for this method and stress the need to stick together to jointly promote extra virgin olive oil.

12. Honey olive groves, in search of a sustainable alternative to the traditional olive groves of Madrid
The Wine Cooperative of Arganda del Rey (Madrid) hosted on December 18 the presentation of the Operational Group "Polycultures of olive trees with aromatic soil improvement and meliferous use (olive groves)", which aims to provide a sustainable alternative management to the traditional olive groves of Madrid, also increasing the services that these agroecosystems return to society.

13. "The end of the olive sector"
Under this disquieting title, and adding "As we know it Now" -inspired by the almost homonymous book by journalist Marta García Aller- its author Rafael Cárdenas -director of the Excellence Olive Oil Center of GEA Iberia-, it gathers a series of reflections about the changes that the olive sector will face in the coming years.

14. A report points out that olive oil needs a quality standard that guarantees its authenticity, enhances its value and ensures its future
The Second Report on the Oil Sector, prepared by the Coordinating Institute for Governance and Applied Economics, concludes that olive oil needs a single quality standard that eliminates the fraud that occurs in its production and marketing and provides added value and secure your future.

15. A Chinese EVOO, among the first Mario Solinas 2018 Awards
The International Olive Council (IOC) has announced the winners of the Mario Solinas 2018 Quality Award and among them for the first time there is an extra virgin olive oil from China (Longman Garden City Olive Technology Development), which has received the First Prize in the Category of Mature Fruity.

16. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the star-product of the Spain National Football Team's Menus at the Russia World Cup
EVOO will be the common thread of the culinary elaborations that the Spanish delegation will taste at the next Russia World Cup. "Extra virgin olive oil is the protagonist, the main ingredient of every dish", explains to Mercacei the executive chef of Gourmet de La Roja, Daniel García Peinado, known as the "chef of EVOO", who will be responsible for the menus in Moscow. Moreover, the Head of Medical Services of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Helena Herrero delves into the use of olive oil in the food pattern that will follow the staff of the National Football Team: "its properties are precious for the player's diet".

17. Andalusia doubles Italy in the exports of olive oil
In 2017, Andalusia -which achieved a new record in exports of olive oil reaching 2,961 million euros in sales- exported practically twice as much as Italy (1,507 million euros).

18. The impact of olive grove irrigation on high-end EVOOs
The experts Mercedes Uceda de la Maza and Rafael López Uceda, from IADA Ingenieros, analyze the effects of irrigation in the olive grove and the importance of its good use to obtain a high-end EVOO, in a year characterized in Spain by the scarcity of water.

19. Oil and oil in ancient times
Splendid original text of the conference that the writer from Jaén Juan Eslava Galán (Arjona, 1948), Planeta Award in 1987, pronounced in the Cooperativa Ntra. Sra. Del Pilar de Villacarrillo, the largest producer of olive oil in the world, on June 20, 2017. Belonging to a family of olive tradition, in its extensive production there are included some works dedicated to the olive grove and its history, narrated always with a didactic style, entertaining and fun.

20. The cultivation of olive trees in China
The expansion of the consumption of olive oil throughout the world during the last decades has aroused the interest of the Asian giant for this product and its cultivation. After several attempts in recent years, the Chinese Government, in order to alleviate the poverty of rural populations, has promoted new plantations, placing the most important in the provinces of Gansu and Sichuan.

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