The Italian Olive Sector, the most affected by bad Weather

The Italian Olive Sector, the most affected by bad Weather

2018/08/11 - The olive sector has been the most damaged by the bad weather that has affected all of Italy in recent weeks. "Water pumps", hail storms and strong winds have already lashed this crop in the course of the 2018/19 campaign, dragging the olives and destroying thousands of olive trees, even centuries old, as reported by the Consorzio Olivicolo Italiano (Unaprol) .

For Unaprol, it is a "dramatic" situation in a season that, according to initial estimates, predicted a record decrease in national production of 38% due to the frosts recorded last February. "A fact that, in light of this bad weather, will worsen even more, with the serious risk of reaching 50% less production, a negative record for the sector", they have indicated from this entity.

As detailed, the situation in Puglia is particularly critical, but all regions have reported significant damage, from Sicily to Liguria and from Calabria to Lazio.

"The effects will also impact in the long term because, in 2018 alone, around 26 million olive trees have been compromised by frost and strong winds, and in this context it is easy to understand the importance of a national plan for olive oil 2.0, explains David Granieri, President of Unaprol.

Granieri believes that to reactivate a sector in difficulties, "the Government's strategic interventions are necessary as soon as possible to increase the area of ​​cultivation, plant new olive groves, strengthen the supply chain and improve a unique biodiversity patrimony with 533 varieties of olives and with record in Europe in the number of extra virgin olive oils with PDO (43) and PGI (4) ".

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