Olivatessen # 5, the cult of the extra virgin

Olivatessen # 5, the cult of the extra virgin

2018/31/10 - Exclusive interviews with Francis Ford Coppola, Rafa Nadal, Pau Gasol, Massimo Bottura, the Roca brothers... It seemed impossible to overcome the contents of previous issues; however, Olivatessen # 5 promises to be eternal. Singer Sting, film director Isabel Coixet, chef Mauro Colagreco and New York consultant Nick Coleman will star in the next issue of the only publication in the world dedicated to promoting high-end extra virgin culture. In addition, we discover the latest in EVOO tasting, leisure, culture and lifestyle plans for EVOO lovers. A delicious, fresh and unique number.

One more year the time of Olivatessen has come. A luxury product, entirely in English, awarded and recognized for its quality in prestigious journalism and design competitions, whose contents must meet the great expectations fueled by the previous three issues, which have already become precious collection objects.

Articles as attractive as they are evocative that promote the knowledge and consumption of extra virgin, associating it with a pleasurable and sustainable way of life; the promotion of the EVOO culture, shining a spotlight on its protagonists... Certainly, a challenge as wonderful as demanding. And in the menu of this fifth issue there is love for the extra virgin in abundance. Without going any further, we interviewed exclusively the famous singer Sting, a lover of the olive tree with his own brand, Il Palagio, who confesses that he has found in his estate in Tuscany and in the production of wine and olive oil the refuge he needed to be happy.

If the interview with Sting is the main dish, the rest of the menu does not disappoint. In The Ring, the acclaimed chefs José Mari and Elena Arzak are fully involved in an exciting gastronomic battle. And if we talk about pleasures for the palate, we must discover those of the chef with 3 Michelin stars Mauro Colagreco, from Mirazur restaurant. If in previous numbers we interviewed Massimo Bottura (nº1 of the world according to World's Best 50 Restaurants) and Joan Roca (2nd), Colagreco (3rd) had to arrive. This chef of Italian-Argentine heritage, Spanish roots and French training tells us that he would eat over and over the freshest vegetables from his garden only dressed with an early harvest extra virgin olive oil and a slice of good bread.

About her gastronomic experiences also speaks another of our guests, Isabel Coixet. The film director, worthy of 12 Goya Awards and who can boast of having directed Juliette Binoche, Tim Robbins or Dennis Hopper, reveals her passion for the olive tree. "A Goya Prize tastes like anchovies in extra virgin olive oil with good bread and watered with champagne", she confesses in this issue of Olivatessen to make our mouths water.

We complete the cast of protagonists with Nick Coleman, expert oleologist of the Big Apple that is personally responsible for choosing each of the EVOOs exposed in EATALY. In addition, he is responsible for talking about extra virgin as a trend food in international magazines such as Esquire or GQ ... almost nothing.

Do you know what foods inspired Picasso? Well, you can also discover it in the article Picasso in the kitchen, a trip to the mind -and the belly- of the genius.

In Road Trip we will travel through the fields of olive trees and lavender of the French provence; in Agenda we will find out the best Farmer's Markets of the world; we will intriduce ourselves in the world of desserts by the hand of Sandro Desii and his gourmet ice creams with EVOO; we will visit Ethiopia, Egypt or Pakistan with Eduardo Mencos, the olive explorer, and we will attend astonished the harvesting of olives in the most incredible places on Earth...

And, in case you are still eager for strong emotions, there is still more, much more: Organic and Biodynamic (how do you like EVOO tastings with yoga?), Bibliothèque, Dolce Vita (Kapsaliana Village Hotel, a Greek resort to lose yourself and never return), Avant-garde or Trends (the gastronomic projects of Bob Dylan, Drew Barrymore, David Beckham)...

Ufff... Too many emotions, right? Don't worry, enjoy and bear in mind that you have a whole year to savor them. Bon appétit!
If you want your brand to have a presence in Olivatessen by Mercacei 2019, you are still on time. Write us to info@olivatessen.com and find out about the special prices we can offer you.
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