Olio Nuovo Days will organize a Master Class on EVOO at the Ritz Hotel in Paris

Olio Nuovo Days will organize a Master Class on EVOO at the Ritz Hotel in Paris

2018/29/10 - From January 15 to 19, 2019, the first great gastronomic event of the year will take place to discover the freshest extra virgin olive oil in restaurants, bakeries and other gastronomic centers of the French capital, attended by international producers, experts and chefs. We are speaking about Olio Nuovo Days, which in its fourth edition will include as a novelty a Master Class on EVOO at the Hotel Ritz in Paris, as well as the celebration from January 16 to 18 of the International Scientific Meeting on Olive Oil (Ismoo). In an interview with Mercacei, the driving force of this event, Emmanuelle Dechellete, details these activities as well as the keys to their success.

Olio Nuovo Days celebrated its first edition in 2016 during a single day, although due to its success and with a growing demand from the public, the following editions of 2017 and 2018 lasted for almost a week. What is the key to its success?
I guess that what we propose is different. We are not looking on how many entrants we have, or if we do it is to avoid to have too many people. We pay attention to the producers and the product. We introduce EVOO to the best chefs, so we have to maintain certain quality standards. Olio Nuovo Days (OND) pretends to be like haute couture, promoting and focusing on the best places in Paris to offer them to the producers who are part of the event. We could say that it is an association between those brand and us, something that does not stop after Olio Nuovo Days... We believe that there is a spirit that links the EVOO producers and the consumer, and we want to share this positive image, promoting not only the olive juice, but also the spirit that exists behind extra virgin olive oil.

What activities will the fourth edition include and what new features are planned?
This year is the first time that we have organized a Master Class. I am very excited because the Hotel Ritz is an absolutely incredible location and the teachers are also very interesting professionals. We will organize a Master Class on EVOO for a full day in order to allow participants to learn how to cook with this product.

In addition, this year will also be held in parallel with the International Scientific Meeting on Olive Oil (Ismoo), a very synergistic event with OND.

Which extra virgin olive oils can be discovered at Olio Nuovo Days and where are they from?
Last year we were very proud to introduce Japanese EVOOs; and this year we will have the opportunity to discover the extra virgins of all the Mediterranean countries, plus we are working on the participation of the United States.

Which producers can participate in this event?
Any producer of the Northern Hemisphere. Of course, we need to receive the samples before confirming the participation.

What role will the chefs play in this edition of Olio Nuovo Days?
Chefs are fundamental in this event and since last year have a new role, being also part of the jury in the competition we organize. We think that the jury has to be made up of people who use EVOO. They receive training from panel leaders, but they have the last word to say.

Restoration in France has always surrendered to butter... Is there a change of mentality among French chefs and consumers about EVOO?
What we used to say is that France was divided into two parts; above Lyon, people used butter, and below this region, olive oil. Now the situation is changing, I can say with pride that with the tastings that we organize during the year, people don't hesitate to try EVOO, without bread or anything.

The tendency is to go towards vegetable oils. We already verified it in 2017 with the celebration of the 30th edition of the famous Bocuse D'Or contest, whose main theme was the preparation of a vegetable dish. Nobody could believe it! Since then, the vegetable trend is growing, and that favors the knowledge and use of vegetable fats and promotes the use of EVOO.

You recently presented the publication Extra Vierge, "L’huile d’olive, histoires d’Hommes & recette de grands chefs". How did the idea of making this book come about? What has been its reception?
The idea was to make a book about Olio Nuovo Days with the producers who participated in the event. Now we are focusing on organizing Olio Nuovo Days Southern Hemisphere. Finally, the book was launched on October 17 and we received incredible comments from chefs, professionals and consumers. I am very proud to be able to show the incredible work of the producers. I would like to make a book like this in Spanish and English.

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