Olive oil shows beneficial effects on the sexual capacity of elderly men

Olive oil shows beneficial effects on the sexual capacity of elderly men

2018/31/08 - Scientists from the University of Athens (Greece) have demonstrated that the Mediterranean Diet and the consumption of olive oil shows beneficial effects on sexual capacity, through the improvement of aortic elastic properties and testosterone levels, in elderly men from the Greek island of Ikaria.

The study was presented at the recent Congress of the European Society of Cardiology, held in Munich (Germany) and published in the European Heart Journal.

This investigation drawns from of the premise that aging is accompanied by a series of morphological and functional alterations that occur slowly over time. Among them, sexual disability. Another fact: the inhabitants of Ikaria (Greece) have recently been recognized for achieving the highest longevity rates with a high percentage of healthy aging.

The purpose of the investigation was to evaluate the role of the mechanical properties of the aorta in the sexual capacity of older men in this Greek island, regarding their nutritional habits, serum testosterone levels and cardiovascular risk factors.

A total of 667 men (67 years old on average, in the age range of 45-105 years) of the aforementioned island were part of the study sample. Among the demographic, anthropometric, biochemical and lifestyle factors, total serum testosterone levels were measured; while the dietary evaluation was obtained on the basis of a validated and reliable food frequency questionnaire that was developed especially for elderly people. Aortic distensibility (AoD) was calculated non-invasively from the aortic diameters measured with echocardiography and brachial blood pressure, with the highest values ​​of the index, which translate into greater rigidity; while sexual function was evaluated using the SHIM-5 questionnaire (Sexual Health Inventory for Men).

The study concluded that long-term follow-up of the Mediterranean Diet and the consumption of olive oil increase testosterone levels and improve the aortic elastic properties, offering a synergistic effect to the sexual capacity of elderly men of Ikaria, regardless of the existence of cardiovascular diseases and risk factors.

The Mediterranean Diet, in addition, exhibits vascular protective effects that promote the preservation of the quality of life in all of its stages.

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