Dcoop denies that the group has been sanctioned by the import of extra-community product

Dcoop denies that the group has been sanctioned by the import of extra-community product

2018/11/07 - Given the information recently published in general media, Dcoop sources have denied the alleged economic sanctions of Customs for importing low quality oil to sell in the US. "It has not been a sanction or a fine, but we have had to pay some tariffs", they have explained in exclusive statements to Mercacei. In this sense, the group advocates to prohibit imports to "all", in order to eliminate "any doubts about the quality and improve the image of Spanish oil", inviting all agents of the olive sector to join this initiative.
Dcoop explains that the alleged fine is actually "a payment of tariffs." "Due to deadline problems, the Treasury understands that we have to pay them and we do not think the same, that's why we have appealed." In any case, they deny that it is a fine "for importing bad quality oil and Spanishizing it in order to sell it in the United States."

Thus, Dcoop details that the fiscal conflict dates back to a operation in 2015, "when we were not even partners of Pompeian, and our Group hardly exported to the United States. We got the oils from third countries that Pompeian bought to be refined in Qorteba -before it was done in another place- and then they were shipped to the US, so that little added value reverberated in our partners".

"Right now -they say from the society-, Dcoop exports 30,000 tons of oil to the United States and we own 50% of Pompiean, the leading brand in the North American market, which implies that other operators, such as Deoleo, are losing market share". "This has no cost for our partners, because the payment of these fees obviously has been passed on to the final price of the product," they stress.

In this sense, Dcoop launches a reflection to the market: "Is it because we are a farmers' cooperative that we can't work like the rest of the operators in the sector: packing, importing-exporting, participating in companies...? Or do they want -something they will not get- that we remain like simple olive-growers?".

Finally, Dcoop recalls that Spain imports, like the other countries of the European Union, some 130,000 tons of olive oil per year. "All major operators in the sector do so," they say, while reiterating that "the most important approach right now is that imports be banned, so we call on all operators in the sector to speak out and add to this request."
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